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Saturday, 21 March 2015

We can do this!

21st March 2015
Courage isn't having the strength to go it - it is going on when you don't have strength.

Well it appears my lovely mom may have passed on her germs as I've woken up with a bit of a sore throat, hoping that's as far as it's going to go, on a positive I have all weekend to recover once my morning meeting is done today. I don't feel ill so that's a positive, maybe I've just slept with my mouth open - we can live in hope!

Anyway check me out, not only did I have a walk round the bloke yesterday when I arrived for my chat yesterday but I also only had a pot of tea, no cake, Hazel didn't indulge either, we both agreed they didn't look good enough to get fat on!  The place also didn't have an toilet facilities so it was only one cuppa, I can't sit drinking without a loo to use!  I won't lie though, it would've been so easy to try the peanut butter brownie, but I know for a fact that would blown 12pp, that covered my dinner!  The rhubarb and custard tray bake didn't look as good as it had on Facebook (you gotta love a camera filter!)  

We were only there an hour which meant I realised as I was driving back bursting for the loo that I was way too early for my massage, so I drove to the fruit farm thinking I could have a cuppa, maybe something to eat and pass an hour after I'd used the toilet! 

Instead I realised it was reading my book and passing an hour that I wanted to do more so than eat, so I went and sat on a bench and watched the ducks whilst reading and saved my ProPoints and my money.  I did nip to the co-op and buy a £1 packet of chicken tikka meat which satisfied my grumbling belly until I got home at half four to cook a proper meal.

Our dinner was delicious, I'd bought root mash from co-op (6pp for the whole tub), and I had it with chicken and bacon pancake 6pp (from Waitrose) and samphire.  Really delicious it was and the pancakes were from their 3 for £10 range, we had Haddock fillets with cheddar cheese, basil & parmesan crumble from the same range a few days ago, they were only 4pp each.

It's getting easier to resist as every day goes by, it really is a state of mind and habit.  We convince ourselves we can't do it, that it's too hard, that our circumstances are too difficult at the moment to cope with watching what we eat but we can if we decide too.  I'm having that very conversation with myself every day, I think of dozens of reasons not to stay within my ProPoints and then talk myself out of it.  I mean I was stood in the fruit farm cafe yesterday looking at the treacle pudding, knowing they made me the best bacon sarnie a few weeks ago, but instead of ordering it, I reminded myself that partly in thanks to that outing two weeks before, I hadn't been able to get my jeans on the following week!  Just not worth it, especially as what I did eat later was absolutely delicious and just what I fancied.

I'm finding ways to get delicious foods fast when I'm not in the cooking mood, I will make some cakes this weekend I think, I'm going to attempt some kind of rhubarb and custard muffin for maximum 5pp each!  They'll be worth spending the ProPoints on too!  You cake have your cake and eat it, you just need to think a little about what you're making, plus if I make them myself I can get 12 for the price I'd have paid for 1 yesterday!

Yeah feeling positive for making it through the weekend, I will stay on track, I know after my 6lb loss last week there's a chance I won't lose at all this Monday and I'm absolutely fine with that because I'm feeling in control and enjoying my food.  I'm not thinking about it constantly either which is even better!

Here's to a super Saturday, looking forward to seeing all my members this morning, and after my cuppa my throat may just be down to sleeping open mouthed, let's hope so ay!

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