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Monday, 9 March 2015

Make Monday matter!

9th March 2015
Be inspired by others success, not defeated.

Oh we definitely had a lovely day yesterday chilling out doing nothing, watched a film and just generally relaxed, it was wonderful.  I did make my stew and I'm looking forward to eating it today too, as it always tastes better the day after!

Okay, time to fess up!  If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I started a journal recently, 25th February to be precise, I managed five days, then last Monday all that's written on the day is 'cake!', the following day I managed to track breakfast and lunch, then nothing, then I haven't written anything since and that probably explains why I also haven't lost any weight, I weigh exactly the same weight as I did the day I started the journal.  So, let's start again I say, I'm not one to be defeated, I've got maintenance nailed by the looks of it, so let's see if I can jump back on-board the weight loss wagon.

Now last week someone wrote in my facebook group "The formula for weight watchers success... 5% will power + 95% planning = scales success", I suggested that might read better if it started with "My" rather than "The" because everyone's formula is different and it is also likely to change at any time, as we change constantly.  I'm certainly not the person I was 11 years ago when I joined Weight Watchers the last time, I lost my weight back then on cereal and two ready meals a day, I don't think I could do that now! 

So the planning thing is great but I'm going to be honest and say sometimes it just doesn't work for me because I don't want to eat what I've planned on eating, then there's food in my fridge offending me because it's making me feel guilty about me not wanting to eat it!   I realise that my formula absolutely needs to include tracking, the only way I can absolutely KNOW what I'm eating and how many ProPoints I'm spending is to record it.  Ignorance isn't bliss and I just know I'm not losing weight by doing what I'm doing at the moment, yes it's healthy, yes I'm enjoying it but the proof is at the scales and there's just a little bit too much on my plate to result in weight loss. 

Therefore my journal is once again open and I'm ready to start week two of it, I'm not going to plan, but I will think of some meal ideas so that I have choices, I just promise that this week I will record everything I eat whether or not it takes me over my allowance.

My members are losing weight and I want a piece of that action!  Over 5,000lbs has been lost on my scales this year, I need to add to that total.

Here's to making Monday matter, yes I'm meeting up with my mates, yes there will be food involved and yes I will be tracking it! 

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful.

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