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Thursday, 12 March 2015

We are doing this!

12th March 2015
A man without a vision for his future, always returns to his past.

3 days down, here comes the real challenge, Thursday and the weekend, looking good though as I've got 48 weekly ProPoints remaining and 11 ProPoints earned.  I'm chuffed at the extra activity ProPoints I've managed to earn just with that 30 minute walk I'm doing, it was a great idea too of my mates to set my timer at 15 minutes, walk then turn round when it beeped to ensure I only did the 30 minutes and didn't get carried away, she knows me so well! 

Yesterday menu was, cherry tomatoes on toast for breakfast (3pp), scallops and salad for lunch (7pp) and for tea I had a delicious piece of rump steak with onions and mushrooms in a Diane sauce, chargrilled peppers and salad (11pp) finished off with a glass of red wine (4pp) and the other ProPoint out of my 26 was spent on skimmed milk for my tea!   Wow, I'm even impressing myself.

I've just took some liver out of the freezer, hoping it'll be defrosted by lunch time and we can have liver and onions with mash potato, for tea I'll have something out of the freezer I think, quick and easy, or I might settle for curry beans on toast for tea.

I did my 30 minute walk at 7am yesterday to ensure I could fit it in my busy day, mom was still asleep, I couldn't believe it when I got back at 7.30 and my delivery man was there unloading the van of my order and my mom was out of bed already!  That's put paid to that idea on a Wednesday! Hey ho, I normally wouldn't be taking her to the dentist so usually I'd have been okay to go on the afternoon.  There's always a way round something if you think long enough...

I'm hoping for sunshine this weekend, I really want to do some gardening, get my flower bed weeded at the front and spread some wild flowers, so it looks pretty when I pull up on my drive, that'll keep me out the kitchen too for a few hours!

Last night I was thrilled to present Dave his 50lb award, proof that if you persist you really can make a difference, I also handed out 5% certificates yesterday morning to Paul and Adam, they joined my meeting a month ago and it's a family affair, 4 of them in total and all have totally embraced the plan and are loving it and doing so well!  Michelle too last night achieved her 10% award and she was really pleased, it was lovely to see that smile.  These kind of awards happen in my meetings all the time, I just don't always mention them in my blog, but it really is proof that the plan works and if we follow it we too can get these successes!

Yeah it may be 5am and I've been up an hour already but I'm feeling good, ready for the day and loving that my members are sending me their silly selfies and we're raising money at the scales this week for comic relief because I'm making donations for every member I weigh and every pound lost, so far that total is around a tenner I think, I'll add it all up at the end of the week but it's worth every penny, I've also got about £20 to add to it that members have donated, so all good there!

Right let's have a silly day in praise of Red Nose Day tomorrow, I'm hoping to receive many more silly selfies before Saturday, I know you won't let me down. 

Have a great day, we can do this BeYOUtiful, stay strong.  

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