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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Choice not chance!

18th March 2015
You've been criticising yourself for years and it hasn't worked.  Try approving of yourself and see what happens.  Louise L Hay.
Got a poorly mom on my hands, she's got a cold and bad throat, it does sound horrid, hope it goes as quick as it came, she really doesn't need that in her life and from a selfish point of view, I really don't need to be catching it from her!  Might quarantine her to her room ;)

Yesterday was a "I'd like to eat more than what was on my plate" kind of day!  I started my day with porridge and a banana which was good and I didn't really get hungry till about 12, but I didn't make my lunch till 1pm so I'm wondering if delaying it was part of the problem, or was it that what I had wasn't as delicious as I'd hoped, or maybe I was actually a little bit hungry.  Anyway I resisted and had one of the new Weight Watcher chocolate pots for 1pp, mmm I like them, found mine in Waitrose Lichfield on Monday.  By the time I got back from work, I just wanted something fast so had the bit of leftover chicken casserole and a slice of bread, plus my 4pp glass of red wine.  So ended my day on 29pp and earned 3pp on my fitbit, so not too bad after all. 

Last night in my meeting Katie achieved her goal, I'm not sure who whooped the loudest, her target was to get to goal in time for her wedding in Jamaica and she flies a week on Sunday, how exciting, she looks absolutely fabulous and is going to look stunning in her wedding dress, can't wait to see those photos.

This week we're talking about those non scales victories, I do love to hear members tell me what they gain by losing, we're also deciding what we'd like our next non scale victory to be, mine is to put my jeans on, to be able to fasten them and to eat a meal and still keep them fastened, not have to undo the button!  Yeah that's keeping me motivated because I know as easy as I found last week to stay on track, as the month goes by it's not going to be quite as simple, but I'm going to do it.

To ensure I can and will do it, I'm getting organised, I've got meals ready for the week, so I know what I have for my main meal for the next 3 days, they're all tasty meals too which helps, I like nice food.  I've not got any rubbish in the house, so I can't be tempted to eat the wrong stuff and as long as I stick to the amount of wine I know is ok, then I won't be tempted to eat more after I've had a drink!

Going to bed when I'm tired is helping too, instead of staying up and watching rubbish television, it's night-time after 8.30pm when I start getting tempted so if I'm in bed then I don't eat when I'm asleep, yeah I was in bed for nine last night, it makes getting up at 5am easier for sure.

Porridge or eggs for breakfast that's the question!   It's all about choices isn't it, it's choice not chance that guarantees that weight loss, its realising I can't have it all and I can't have lots if I want to lose weight.  I have to choose what I'm going to eat and do, if I choose not to go for my daily walk, then I'm choosing not to have the spare ProPoints for that extra bit of red wine later in the week, my decision and it's a case of accepting your decisions and behaviour and realising the more you make those right decisions, the easier it gets to do it next time. 

We can do this, all of us.  We may have tough days when we struggle and we may have lots going on in our lives that make it difficult to concentrate on it all but as we all agreed in my meeting yesterday morning, there is usually a connection between your life being a little out of control and your eating habits feeling the same, one tends to mirror the other!  So we decided if we get our eating habits under control then we can cope with our lives too!

Let's do this BeYOUtiful, here's to making Wednesday work for us!

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