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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Planning a simple Sunday!

8th March 2015
Don't Worry!  Worrying is stupid.  It's like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.  Wiz Khalifa

Oh I do love to sleep!  And I've just had at least 10 hours! Feeling chilled, ready for a day of doing not much ;) I've got a stock take to do and a little bit of paperwork but then I can feel a great deal of nothing but me time, fancy reading my book, if it's sunny I'll do that in my garden if not in the living room.

Just been up the garden and I have snowdrops, little delicate ones, love this time of year I really do. 

Another great week in my meetings, 680lbs lost this week on my scales, just incredible and I'm looking forward to seeing all those delicious filling and healthy meals all over Facebook this week, sharing meal ideas really is a great way of finding something new to eat.   Today I'll be making a good old fashioned simple stew, I don't care what the temperature outside turns out to be. 

Stew in our house has always been beef, onions, carrots, potatoes and oxo, nothing else required, I'll use a tray of beef pieces, 3 large spuds, couple of carrots and onions and about 3 or 4 oxos mixed with water and just leave it on the hob.  The secret is to cut your spuds into quite small chunks and cook it slowly.

I also need to do my chicken tray dish in the oven soon.  Chicken legs (skinned) in a baking tray with onions, carrots and oxos mixed with water.  Then thinly slice potatoes and cover the top, cover with foil and cook slowly in the oven, then uncover when cooked so that the potatoes crisp up.  Mmm I love that, I remember cooking that with my brother on a trip to Wales once and we fed about 40 people with it, they all agreed that it was simple deliciousness!

The one thing that came through in the meetings this week was that we all like simple food, eggs cooked any way, stews, casseroles, curries, chillis etc.  It's a great idea to have a list of your favourites so that you always have meals to fall back on.

Now what to have for breakfast?  I'm thinking beans on toast with an egg on the top, that'll start me off nicely, whilst I wait for my stew to cook for later.

I'm also thinking a day of mugs of tea as the one I just drank was perfik!

It's the simple things in life that make it worthwhile. 

Enjoy a simple Sunday BeYOUtiful, I plan too.

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