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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Practising what I preach!

11th March 2015
What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create. Buddha

Yay, day two in the bag ;), finished on 27pp and even managed a small glass of red in with that, for brekkie I had egg and tomatoes on toast, lunch was ham hock, mash and mushy peas and for tea I had my leftover stew, sorted!  I also fitted in my 30 minute walk, it was a glorious day yesterday, I'd have loved to have spent it walking and working in the garden, let's hope there's many more of them ahead.  My fitbit earned me another 4pp, so that's 7 saved for the weekend.

Today's going to be busy, 3 meetings and a trip to the emergency dentist in-between with mom (her crowns fell out), which happens to be on the other side of Wolverhampton!

One thing I can & will commit to doing this week is...

This is the question I'm asking everyone this week, and I want them to actually really think about the answer, and be realistic about what they can do!  For example one lady said she was so busy at the moment, she just didn't have time to cook, doing so many hours at work (I heard her loud and clear, I can totally relate to that one), so when I asked that question, her first answer was, "I need to cook", to which I asked "do you have time for that", she responded with "I need to make time".  Aren't we hard on ourselves.  We then discussed whether making time was realistic, and if she could find some spare time in her extremely busy schedule, did she want to spend it cooking?  The truth was no she didn't, she hates cooking and doesn't honestly want to spend the only bit of spare time doing that!  She thought again about the question and came up with a different response.

The truth is, so many of us are incredibly busy, others just don't like cooking, the beauty of Weight Watchers is you tailor it to suit you.  My lunch yesterday took less than 10 minutes and cost approx £2 per meal to cook and that was from Waitrose!  We had readymade mash, £1 per packet, microwave in 4minutes, 5pp per portion.  Pulled Wiltshire ham hock, £2.45 (it was reduced from £2.95) 3pp per portion, and 1/2 tin of mushy peas, it was delicious and all just a matter of warming up.  Perfect meal and yes buying readymade mash might be considered lazy, but it saved me peeling, chopping, boiling and mashing them, which is a good 20 minute job, I just don't want or need right now!  Oh and readymade mash is soooooo lush.

Now my one thing is the 30 minute walk I've committed to doing every day, that's taking some effort because I am time poor in the day, yesterday afternoon, my mate asked me about 12ish if I'd done my walk yet!  I was like "erm really, when am I supposed to have done that, I've just done 2 meetings this morning and I'm now about to have a half hour conference call!  I went around 2, I did sit there thinking how much I had to do and that I didn't have half hour, but then reminded myself I had woke up an hour earlier than usual so I was already an hour ahead really!  So the paperwork waited and I went for my walk, which I've already said, I thoroughly enjoyed.

Today I'm going to prepare a salad for lunch and have it with scallops, they're quite pricey, but I treated myself, if I'm only eating 3 meals a day, they're going to be lush, plus if I'm staying on track, I'm drinking less wine, thus saving money elsewhere. 

So here's the start of day 3, feeling positive, believing I can crack this and get back to the 'in control' Weight Watcher I have been for ten years, until something changed this last year.  I'm not even going to try to work out what changed because that's just wasting energy, instead I'm going to focus on getting to a new and improved state of mind!

Here's to an absolutely, fantastic, brilliant day on track, in the zone and aiming for a happy and healthy weight loss next week.  Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful.

Oh and can I just say, I opened the best bottle of wine, I've opened in a very long time last night, and I only had 1 x 4pp glass - check me out!

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