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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Healthy isn't just about what you eat!

5th March 2015
Avoiding failure is to avoid progress.

Good morning, it's dark out there at the moment, my gorgeous little Alfie decided to wake me up at 4.30 to say hello, he didn't even seem to want to go up the garden when I got out of bed, what a darling he is!  Can you sense the sarcasm?  Anyways, I had to get up at 5, so the extra 30 minutes means I can take my start to the day a bit slower.

More wonderful weight loss yesterday, haven't got the paperwork to hand but it was really good, you know what though, if you're not doing well at the moment, reading others success can sometimes be annoying, or make you feel like you're doing even worse, I think if you are feeling a little like that at the moment, go take a look in the mirror - that's your competition! 

We're all at different stages of our journey, some at the start, some just reaching their goal, some of us feel a little like they're starring in Groundhog Day!  Wherever you are with your weight loss efforts at the moment, the one thing I would say is don't compare your journey to anothers because the one thing I've realised is we are not only all different but our own situations and circumstances change too. 

Heck sometimes nothing changes in our lives, we can be happy as a sand boy, and still for some reason we just can't nail that relationship we have with eating and make it a healthy one. 

Normally when I talk healthy and happy most people would assume by 'healthy' I mean eating good food that's full of good nutrition and helps you lose weight or maintain of course.  And they'd be right I do mean that but I also mean, eating the not so nutritious food in a balanced way so that we don't gain weight from eating it.  I also mean a healthy mind and a healthy relationship around food.  There's not much point to losing loads of weight if you have an unhealthy relationship with food still.  Guilt, anger, self hate, all those not so nice feelings, if they are still how you view your relationship with food and eating, you still have work to do for sure.

I used to have an unhealthy relationship with food, I'd constantly have feelings of guilt over what I'd eaten, anger if I'd overeaten.  These days I've accepted I enjoy eating and I do the best that I can to ensure that what I eat is mostly healthy and that it's in the correct portion sizes.  But, if I do overeat as I obviously have done the last year, I must have done I'm heavier than I was this time last March, I don't beat myself up, I focus on understanding my reasons and I give myself a break, I am much more likely to succeed and be successful with positivity in my life and a whole barrel full of self love than I ever will be with negativity and resentment.

Yep, give yourself a break if you're struggling right now, especially if you JUST DON'T KNOW WHY, that's the worst feeling in the world sometimes, so just accept that it happens and do your best to get out of that mindset, because that's the short term goal, is getting your mojo back, acknowledge your struggling, accept it then take small steps and do what you can until suddenly you've got your flow back and you're smiling again.

Let's make today a day we mostly smile, one we accept what is, make changes where we can and change the way we react to what we can't change! 

You way stronger than you know, a single thought in the morning can change your entire day, what's that thought going to be BeYOUtiful?

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