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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mothers day!

15th March 2015
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Roald Dahl

Happy mother's day to each and every mom out there, I hope you get truly spoilt today! 

It's been a great week in my meetings and we've raised £83.94 for Comic Relief, thank you so much, I've rounded my donation up to £21.06 so that we have a nice even number to bank £105.00, thank you everyone, it all adds up!   Watching the show really made realise how blessed I am in my life and that we take so much for granted.  It's been paid in https://my.rednoseday.com/sponsor/bevsww

Today is all about the mom ;) we'll be having egg and chips for dinner because that's her favourite meal, I'll be doing all the washing up and tea making all day, I'll even walk the dog if that's what she wants, the day will go all her way.

I'm on track and hoping for a weight loss tomorrow at my weigh in, I've tracked everything, weighed and measured all the food and been a proper Weight Watcher this week, I did enjoy my wine yesterday and was happy in the knowledge I had the weeklies to cover it.  I still have 16 weeklies and 17 activity, which means I'm good for today.

I bought frozen chips yesterday and the McCains Rustic 3% chips were only 3pp per 100g of frozen chips, most of the others were 4pp per 100g, that's a valuable 1pp! 

I really could do with getting in the garden but I don't see that happening today, I fancy a day indoors with my mom chilling once I've done the paperwork I've got to do.  I want to finish my book too, so that's an hour sorted, really enjoying reading at the moment, looking forward to a summer of sunshine, reading in the garden, ooo it's the simple things in life...

Isn't it funny how suddenly you can do it, and by "do it" a Weight Watcher knows exactly what I'm referring to, it's when suddenly, sticking to your ProPoints seems easy!  When you feel that you're back in control, focused on the plan, not finding it difficult, actually enjoying deciding how you're going to spend those ProPoints you have, positively looking forward to getting on the scales.  That's what I mean by "do it".  Yes I'm always aware of what I eat, I make sensible choices where I can but I haven't exactly been a 'proper' Weight Watcher for a good while, this week I have been just that. 

So what if I don't lose weight tomorrow?! 

Well if you'd asked me that question when I joined a meeting on Monday, I'd have said, "if I don't lose weight next week after following the plan for a week, I'll be livid, especially if I've followed the plan 100%" Now I'm feeling different, I'll take whatever those scales say, I would of course like them to be a loss, what I'd like more though is to be able to continue to "do it", to feel how I've felt this week, if I could bottle this and drink a bit every day, I'd be willing to swap it for my wine ;), yep long may this feeling continue. 

So here's to a wondeful mothering Sunday, take care of everyone in your life that you love, focus on the happy, see the good in as much as you can.  Remember, life is good BeYOUtiful. xx

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