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Friday, 6 March 2015

If the world was blind, how many people would you impress!

6th March 2015
Don't compare your struggles to anyone else's. Don't get discouraged by the others. Make your own path and never give up.

A post on Facebook this morning has made me extremely proud of my niece, I won't post it all as it contains a photo that doesn't need sharing but her words are wonderful, here's just a small part of her rant "People are so caught up on appearances these days that they forget about people's feelings & how one word or action can make them feel terrible. People need to learn that being nice to everyone can make a huge difference to that individual, making negative & hurtful comments about people can cause serious effects on that individuals wellbeing"

Her words are so true, what gives someone the right to judge another on their appearance!  People can be so cruel and mean and it's just not necessary at all.  I'm so proud to see that my niece is so much better than that and I'm glad that the world is full of people like her that realise there's more to life than image!  People seem so hung up on the frame that holds the heart, the personality, the kindness, the laughter, the joy and the sadness.  The image is something we merely see the personality is something we feel, I know which is more important to me...

All the people in my life are BeYOUtiful, whether they're tall, short, fat, thin, black, white, male, female, whatever their appearance is, it makes no difference to me, what does make a difference is their heart, their behaviours and how they make me feel. 

Let's hope that one day, society will get over this need to strive to 'look' a certain way and this nasty habit of judging people on their image, it really saddens me and I think it's probably the one who's doing the judging that's truly ugly!

Anyway let's cheer this blog up, not be weighed down by the negativity of the nasty, although I was actually focusing on the positiveness on my amazing niece!

I'm only off out tonight!  Yeah off to the Slade Rooms to see Romesh Ranganathan!  He's a comedian in case you were wondering, a very funny on too, so I'm looking forward to a giggle later on.

A few jobs and a meeting to get through before that though, and I've got my massage to chill me out, mmm today sounds good when I put it in writing!

I tried the buffalo burgers from Iceland last night, they weren't good at all!  Lots of gristle in them, even the dog wasn't interested!  So that's the crocodiles ones and them I've tried and neither would I buy again.  I haven't even thought about food for today or what I plan to do, I really do need to get back to thinking about my eating habits.  I've had a crazy busy few weeks but I'm coming out the other side now and should be able to get back to our routine, I'm really looking forward to that.  Sunday is going to be a day completely for me, if it's cold I'm be having a pj day, if it's warm I might get in the garden, but I'm not planning or making any decisions until the day starts, it's going to be a day of completely doing what I fancy when it arrives, ooo that sounds so good!

But first to work, here's to a fab Friday, make it a good one BeYOUtiful.

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