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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I'm not a medical mystery after all!

25th March 2015
If you don't make the time to work on creating the life you want, you're eventually going to be forced to spend a LOT of time dealing with a life you don't want" Kevin Ngo

 This did make me smile when I saw it;

One thing I've been reminded of the last few weeks is I won't starve!  I can go without so much food and I keep reminding myself of that fact when I get that urge to overeat.  I was going to write eat more but the truth is I've been overeating, if I'm gaining weight, that's proof enough that I've been taking in more food than my body needed so that means I've been overeating.  Now I'm undereating, not dramatically thought, just enough to give me that weight loss I need.  Yeah I'm realising my body and my mind come to that can get by on less and if I resist for that first five minutes of wanting it, then the moment passes and I'm okay again.

If you're struggling at the moment because you think 'you're hungry' or 'you just can't do it' what every reason, try going without food for as long as possible just to prove you can!  Have something healthy to hand so that if you do feel you need to eat you can but just do a little experiment it to prove to yourself you will survive if you don't have that next meal.  That rumbling stomach is actually okay to hear and sometimes that noise is just your body digesting its food!

I had 9 ProPoints left for my tea last night and I wasn't really hungry to be fair, but I did fancy the 2pp packet of French fries Louise had given me, so I had those with a tuna and cucumber sandwich and it did the trick, it was my belly brain that was happy and my stomach brain wasn't really hungry.  Emotions satisfied and a bit of what you fancy does you good.

I've not done a proper shop this week, the first time since being back on track, I was too poorly to think about it at the weekend, luckily there's plenty in the freezer to keep us going, yesterday we had a mini chicken dinner, they were on offer in Waitrose a few weeks back and 8pp, so I added a pile of cauliflower and carrots to fill us up.  Today I'll be going in the freezer again for something, not sure what yet, I have got some beef defrosting so might do something with that.  I just know whatever I have, it'll be within my ProPoints because I want a weight loss more than I want to over eat this week.  I'm out for lunch Friday so need to stay on track and looking at the menu I can do that for sure.

One thing I know for sure is it's easier to go off track than stay on track, as staying on track requires more thought, having said that if all I have in my house is good food, it gets easier, so I'm glad my freezer is full of goodness.  Aiming for a pound loss next Monday, I want that 5% sticker and the benefits that come with it, getting back in my jeans for one, I don't expect to be able to wear them comfortably but at least I'll be able to fasten them ;).  For some people losing 5% can have some really positive changes such as dropping that dress size, going down a notch on the belt, having more energy or like me feeling positive about their weight loss efforts. 

I definitely feel better about it all than I did a couple of weeks ago, then I didn't think I could lose weight anymore, I'd got it into my head that I was that medical mystery and weight loss was a thing of the past!  Now I'm realising I wasn't at all, I was just overeating!

Here's to a day of staying within my daily ProPoints allowance, you in BeYOUtiful?

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