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Monday, 30 March 2015

Suns out, let's have a great day...

30th March 2015
Just remember, even your worst days only have 24 hours.

Well yesterday wasn't the best day and it certainly wasn't how I'd planned to spend my Sunday, that's 3 rubbish weekends on the trot!  Mom was poorly first, then me and yesterday poor Alfie,  he'd cried and whined all night so I hadn't had any sleep at all.  We ended up at the emergency vets in Stafford where he gave him a couple of injections, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.  We got back home hoping he'd sleep the rest of the day but instead the crying and whining and throwing himself round the floor lasted all day!  He finally, thankfully slept, so we have had a decent night's sleep and I feel human again.

Alfie being ill on its own doesn't sound that bad really does it, it's not like he's the only dog that's ever been poorly, but if you add into it the equation I don't really function well without sleep, oh and not forgetting as soon as we're out of the 'norm' mom gets more confused than usual and I have to keep re-explaining what's the matter with him and why he's crying, it really doesn't make for a pleasant day.  By the time we did go to bed, mom believed it was yesterday that Alfie had been to the vets and then five minutes later she was saying "he's been doing this all day, this whining - don't know what the matter is with him, is he trying to find one of his toys"  Well you get a little glimpse of one 5 minute segment of yesterday so needless to say, I did my best to see it for what it was and laugh, taking my mind off it all with my jigsaw, hence today's quote :)!  (This paragraph will be omitted when I print my blog out for my mom to read, she doesn't need to be reminded of how she behaves, we do our best to ignore it.)

And have you guessed yet!  I didn't stay on track this weekend, I wasn't ridiculously off track but I'm not within my allowance, so I will go face the music, draw a line and re-start my fresh week this morning.  I have a fridge full of healthy foods ready for the week.  On a positive I didn't bake or make desserts so we didn't spend the day eating those!  Also because Alfie was so poorly and he showed an interest in the duck on my pancakes that we were having for dinner, he got the majority of that too, so my 13pp dinner was probably nearly 8.  Always a bright side ay :)

As you know I love my quotes, and I noticed this one this morning which has got me to thinking;

Find three hobbies you love: One to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative.

I love this idea, obviously I love nutrition, food and helping people so I've found the perfect job to make me money, walking has always been a hobby I enjoy and that does keep you in shape, I just need the sunshine to do it more (yep I'm a fair weather walker), I love messing in the garden too, so both excellent ways to keep in shape and both can be done for longer lengths of time than gym sessions and running so work better in my opinion.  Finally one to be creative, this is easy, I enjoy cooking and photography and I love getting creative on the pc and again thanks to my job I'm getting to do more of the graphics side of it again, just enough to keep me occupied without being too much to cope with. I also enjoy having a dabble in other hobbies when I'm in the mood like scrapbooking and card making, so yeah I'm almost filling that criterea, just need to move more for sure.  It's mostly down to time that I don't do as much as I should but on a day like this, it's much more appealing.

Right I'm off, gotta go and face the music, hoping Alfie won't need to go back to the vets today, but if he does, we'll work round it.

Have a great day, drawn that line if you need to, focus on the positives, just work on improving not perfecting. xx

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