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Friday, 13 March 2015

Let's all get a little bit silly today!

13th March 2015
A good friend knows all your best stories.  A best friend helped you write them!

 Mom sharing her Silly Selfie - your turn now!

I've made it to Friday!  Still have 42 weeklies and 14 activity ProPoints earned thanks to my fit bit.  That's good going for me, yesterdays meals were 2 eggs and tomatoes with 1 slice of toast (5pp) decided I'd rather have an extra egg than a slice of toast.  Lunch was liver, mash, carrots, onions, pepper & gravy (9pp).  The liver wasn't good so didn't have much of that! I had curry beans on toast for tea (9pp) got half a tin and 3 slices of WW danish for that, love my WW kitchen scales that tell me the ProPoints.  It was all washed down with half bottle of red, that was my treat for the day, I was just going to say the end of my working week but remembered I've got a meeting tomorrow too, I don't have to go anywhere today though to work that's what I meant.  Plus I'm not drinking tonight, I made a pact with one of my members on Tuesday, so that'll save me some ProPoints, means I can have a drink tomorrow night and Sunday, then I'll be getting weighed on Monday - aaarrrghhhh! Whatever they say, I know what I'm doing is important and I shall continue because I don't want to continue to gain weight, I need to sort it out now.

I tried some clothes on in the shops yesterday, oh ma'an those surround sound mirrors are not forgiving are them, I stood and had a good look too, I wanted me to realise that I do need to lose weight, even if I'm not 'unhappy' in my skin it doesn't mean I don't need for there to be a bit less of me, and those mirrors show it all, they really do.  True reality check and yet another drop of motivation, I bought a handbag for now, I'll go back for clothes when I've lost a stone, until then I have plenty of clothes to be wearing.

So today I've got an idea for lunch, think we're having Moroccan chicken, it's a jar of sauce, I know I probably won't want to cook when I get back from my massage so might have a sandwich with a salad, that'll be enough and I'll watch some of comic relief, it's not something I usually watch but this year I fancy it.

We've raised a few pounds so far, my personal donation is up to 12.31 and I still have tomorrow's meeting to do, I've not counted it all yet but I'm guessing my members donations as about £50, I'll do a full count Sunday morning after my Saturday meeting.  Be nice to get as high as £100, just need you to send me loads of silly success Selfies today!  Come on, make me proud of my members.

I have a feeling today is going to be a good day, full of giggles and good food.  You in?  Decide it's going to be a good one BeYOUtiful, your happiness is in your hands.

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