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Monday, 23 March 2015

Monday morning soon arrives...

23rd March 2015
Happiness is not trying or finding, it's deciding!

The last time I woke up feeling like this, I'd drunk a few bottles of red with my bestie, this time unfortunately it isn't self inflicted, the lurgy won't leave, so today the drugs better work, I've got to go get weighed this morning then this afternoon mom and I are both at the dentist, so I need to get some energy from somewhere and that will start with ridding my head of the pounding, I'm thinking a nice bath and some paracetamol. 

It's a beautiful morning out there again too, this is my favourite time of year when we're just so glad to see a bit of sunshine, we smile when it arrives even if it's still cold.

I didn't bake my cake yesterday, I hadn't got self-raising flour, I did however try the banana, jam and custard muffins, they didn't work out too well, put the jam or custard on afterwards if that's what you want but not before as it all burst out of the middle of the muffin.  To be honest I was glad I hadn't got anymore flour, after making those I was shattered and sat around for the rest of the day feeling sick and letting my body recover from this virus, on a positive, feeling sick meant I finished my week within my allowance because my appetite couldn't stomach food.

Hoping or a pound loss this morning, that'll mean half stone in two weeks which would be awesome, especially as no gimmicks where involved just good healthy food with a dash of red wine.  I'll pick up some flour too then if I feel a bit better later I'll have a go at baking the lemon and lime crunch cake, better making it today as I'll see people tomorrow to share it with. 

I've also had my attention turned towards some chocolate cup cakes in Aprils edition of the Weight Watchers magazine, I might have a dabble at those too.

It's amazing how you can spread that daily allowance when you try, I'd rather have a 3pp chocolate cupcake or a 4pp slice of lemon and lime crunch cake from the WW books than a 11pp chocolate brownie or a 14pp lemon muffin from Costa, I don't care how nice they are, I doubt they're better than eating 3 of the other ones and they wouldn't last very long either.

I feel like a fry up today, if I feel better later, I might make a WW safe one for our dinner when we get back from the dentist, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, egg, bacon, actually I have some low pp sausage in the freezer too I think.  Anything could happen between now and then though, yesterday I was craving egg and chips but couldn't eat it all once it was cooked. 

Anyway, enough of the "poor me", it's only a virus and I'm still walking / talking so it's all good, I shall have a nice hot bath in the hope of clearing my head, some caffeine to get me up and moving and a walk round the block (not bloke as I wrote Saturday morning!)

Here's to a great week, obstacles can get in our way or we can work out a way to get round them, I'm up for building a ladder!  You in BeYOUtiful?

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