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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I didn't like them numbers...

31st March 2015
Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we'll ever do.  Brene Brown

It was a gain yesterday, an ouch kind of gain 2.5lb on!  Now my card has a circle on it, hey ho, I've given my head a wobble and had a word and I'm back on it.  I didn't track over the weekend and I knew I was overeating, especially as I'd used my weeklies already.  I won't lie though I didn't expect that big a gain, but hopefully it's jelly fat and if I get back on it straight away, I'll get it off before it sets! 

So why did I gain, why couldn't I continue those fab first two weeks that I'd had, well this is what makes continual long term weight loss success difficult because NOT doing it is much easier than DOING IT, much like anything really.  If your norm is to enjoy eating and drinking then not doing those things takes control and control isn't something we always seem to have.  We can always find an explanation for our behaviour, some may call them excuses, others reasons, it doesn't matter what you label them, they exist!  For me last week they included, being ill, being tired and being hormonal then to top it all off my dog was poorly (he seems ok now thankfully).  Because I was ill and unable to just rest, I didn't have the energy to go and do a healthy shop nor stand in the kitchen and cook healthy foods, a quick sarnie was doing the job.  Because I was tired and needed more energy, I wanted to eat more to get some energy.  Because I was feeling sorry for myself and hormonal, I went into sod it mode, all be it a pretty controlled version I have to say which is why I was so surprised at how high the gain was, but I'm okay with it, I've made my peace with my card!

Oh I did make chocolate cupcakes again from the Weight Watchers April magazine and instead of chocolate drops I used chopped up WW toffee bars and WW cookie bars, they went down a storm in my meeting, I have to say!  I only had one, so all in control again.  Great recipe for 3pp, and the 80g of dark chocolate drops (11pp) can be replaced by 4 Weight Watcher bars of your choice, nice!

Now my meetings closed next Monday because of the Bank Holiday and I'm covering a meeting on the night so I need to try and find a way of getting to a meeting although the nearest if it's open is Rowley Regis!  A motorway journey on a Bank Holiday Monday, mmm we shall see!  Or I could do a Sunday one in Dudley maybe, but I've covered that meeting so not sure.

Anyway, I will stay on track and see how I go, I could get weighed on a night meeting for one week I guess, I need that group support, it's too easy to think sod it and stay away, then before you know it, you're back to square one or worse.  Nope not this time, Weight Watchers works because of that group support and I'm getting back to goal!

But first to make it through this week, I don't like it when they move those clocks, I've been up since 5am, but let's be honest my body thinks it's still 4am, so it'll take a week to adjust to that too, plus I'm still trying to get back all the sleep I didn't get over the weekend and last week, I likes my sleep I do!

I've just realised I need a shopping list, a basic weekly list to ensure I buy the things I need to have success at the scales!  Then maybe I need to work out some low ProPoints meals so that again I have a list of suggestions to chose from.  I need to go back to basics, I really do, I've done this so long, I've forgotten it all and I need to remind myself.

Just as March is being blown out at 100mph out there, I plan to let my bad choices to be blown away too, here's to making April amazing, we can do this! 

Have a great day.

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