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Friday, 27 March 2015

It's nice to be nice!

27th March 2015
Direction is so much more important than speed.  Many are going nowhere fast.

Sat staring at the screen trying to work out why I've been awake since 4am when I don't need to get up this morning!  Hey ho, at least I haven't got to talk today.  I  managed yesterday with my meetings although I did sound a lot odd no one seemed bothered by it!  I'm definitely feeling another resting weekend coming on to try and give this lurgy chance to heal.

My appetite is trying it's hardest to get me to eat lots and lots of comfort food, I'm going to get me some mashed potato today I think, fancy that with gravy on, easily pleased ain't I!  Mashed potato, peas and gravy sandwich, probably wrong on so many levels but my lurgy filled body is saying 'HELL YEAH' get to the shops lady!   I need to shop, the fridge is dwindling and we're running out of milk, so I'll nip and get some stuff I think.  I'm on track by the skin of my teeth, I think I'll be over on my allowance, who am I kidding, I know I'll be over by the end of my week but at the same time I won't be ridiculously over and it has all been spent on 98% good food so I'm not going to give myself a hard time.  As today's quote says, as long as I'm heading in the right direction, it isn't a race, I'm 8lb down which I thought would take me a good month or more so I'm okay and still feeling very positive that I will get back to goal - despite this lurgy!

I was chuffed to be able to award Michael with his 5 year at goal award last night, how incredible is that, 5 years of continuing to attend his meeting every week and staying within the +5lb rule.   I was equally pleased to hand Claire her 5% certificate yesterday morning and Donna her 10% last night as they've both worked so hard this year to achieve them.  There's also nothing better than telling someone they've had a great weight loss when they weren't expecting one, I got to do that to Kel last night, was lovely.  It's always lovely to tell someone they're achieving the weight losses they're working so hard for, seeing those smiles makes me feel better even on a bad day.

What never ceases to make me smile is the collective "oooo" faces when I show my members a low ProPoint treat off my front table that they didn't know about, it's just further proof if I ever needed it that we really are all so very similar, that the little things in life can make us happy, it doesn't take much.  I'm loving listening to all the dessert ideas we've been coming up with in the meeting, from giant jaffa cakes to Eton mess, and of course everything with a mini meringue on the top!  Sunday I'll post some of the ideas and images my members are posting on Facebook, once I've done tomorrow's meeting.

Oh I nearly forgot to share, yesterday morning when I got up, one of my members Graeme had posted this lovely poem in my group, it really lifted me up and started my day off perfectly.

Bev's talks, full of humour and personal strife.
Gives us motivation, for the journey through life.
All in the same boat, our great love of food.
Bev and her whole team, inspirational dudes.
Wednesday is our night, best one of the week.
Feel free to join us, for a closer peek.
Everyone is supportive, in the happy owls group.
From the three amigo's, honest tracking the scoop.
From all we say thanks, our journeys so far to go.
Bev's our leader, the real star of the show.
Thanks Bev we all think UR GR8 xx

How nice is that!  I don't think we can do enough of the nice for others, today let's practice niceness, pay someone a compliment, offer to help someone to a job, hold the door for someone, anything that shows you're focusing on the nice because we all know there's plenty of the nasty out there, people seem to find that easier! 

I'm off to find my drugs (don't worry I'm only on the paracetamol, nothing too heavy) and a cup of tea to wash them down.  

Looking out my window, the blossoms on the tree across the way, we've just had a glorious subtle sunrise, the birds are singing, it's Spring folk, you know what that means don't you, Summers on its way, can't wait can you....

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