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Monday, 2 March 2015

Costa vanilla latte - too good!

2nd March 2015
A wise person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone.

I finally got to sit and do nothing for hours yesterday!  I couldn't read nor concentrate of tv to relax though because my brain was working overtime, it usually take me those hours to chill, then I'd relax the day after, next weekend I will be making time to chill out properly, I may even get in the garden and start tidying it up.

I covered a lovely meeting over Dudley yesterday, I could see the animals from the zoo out the window as I was standing weighing, how wonderful is that!  Whilst I was there, my fellow leaders on my area were at their area meeting and it sounds like that had a ball, I missed out there I think!  Hopefully they'll fill me in on all I missed.

We're off to the dentist today and then meeting up with my mates for coffee and cake, hoping moms going to come too.

I'm still filling in my journal, I'm not really 'on track' but it's being written down, it's making me aware and I'm improving.  My weight is exactly the same as it was on January 1st so I still haven't lost the 4lb I gained over Christmas, but on a positive, I haven't gained anymore!  I have maintenance sussed by the looks of it.

When I left the house yesterday morning to drive to Dudley, I needed petrol so stopped at the garage and decided to have a coffee, I'm not a big coffee fan if I'm honest, it's something I drink a) to keep me awake b) because I've met up in a coffee shop for a chat with my mate c) because when you're out not many places make a decent mug of tea, anyway I noticed "vanilla latte" and thought, mmm I'll try that!  I rarely finish one of those coffees, but this one didn't last long, it was delicious!  Unfortunately it's 6pp for a regular, so will only be for meet ups with friends in coffee shops as a treat.  At £2.10 a cup, I'll be deterred from picking one up every time I drive past the garage.  I'm guessing some people drink that takeaway stuff a lot, that's an awful lot of money being spent on coffee!  I'll stick to bottles of water in my car.

For lunch we had a ready prepared meal from Aldi, it was a potato au gratin, very tasty too, 8pp for half, had it with a bit of chicken and some peas, did the job nicely.  Great to have a convenience meal occasionally https://www.facebook.com/WWBev/photos/pcb.10153127770587351/10153127770247351/?type=1&theater 

I'm hoping to get back to normal now that all my cover and driving to head office is done.  This week I'm back to just my meetings, so hopefully by the time I get to Friday and I'm off out with my mate to see a comedian at the civic (can't remember who) I'll have the energy to stay awake and laugh ;)

I tell so many people to take care of them and I've been reminded it's time to listen to my own advice and I absolutely am going to!  Looking forward to today, going to get a bit of work done now then leave it for the rest of the day and spend time with my mom and my friends, OH and the dentist!

Happy Monday BeYOUtiful and don't forget if you're taking part it's 2 minutes marching today ;)

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