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Saturday, 24 July 2010

July 24th facebook email

If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift!

What a beautiful morning and Alfie is all well again so we’ve been out for a lovely walk because he’s having his fur cut this morning! I had a day of total relaxation yesterday and it was lovely, didn’t really pay attention to my diet, after I’d had my massage I bought and cooked a chicken and we all picked at that throughout the day! I did save a bee though, he was exhausted on the drive so I gave him a spoonful of honey and he ate some and flew off – how cool!

So the six weeks holiday has now started and some of you will be going on holiday, today maybe! Enjoy them, whether you plan to stick to your diet or not, I’ll be here when you get back to help you get back on track. Please don’t disappear for the whole 6 weeks though! Even if you can’t stay to the meeting, you can still pop in to get weighed and have a chat.

Whilst on holiday a good mindset to have is to remind yourself you have a choice whenever you think about eating. Tell yourself, “I can eat this”, or “This is my choice”, whenever you eat anything. It’s especially important to do this if you planning to overeat in a compulsive way because “I’m on my holiday” and you are maybe feeling a little out of control. It’s always good to remind yourself you have a choice, you can continue overeating or you can choose not to go crazy just because you’re away.

When you’re in a restaurant remind yourself that you can eat anything you want and as much as you want. And that you can return the next day and eat even more! Then, choose what really works for you, remembering the consequences of your different choices.

Yes remember to remind yourself of the consequences included in the choices you are making. For example, “I’m choosing to eat this tub of ice cream and feel nauseous and guilty afterwards.” You are free to eat anything and everything – but you don’t have a choice about what the consequence will be. Ignorance isn’t bliss – it catches up on you later doesn’t it!

If you do feel deprived whenever you don’t eat something you fancy, it’s because your not acknowledging or remembering your motivation for losing weight, so think about that right now.

What’s My Motivation?

Think about it; ask yourself, “Why don’t I eat some more cake?” Or “Why am I eating an apple for my snack instead of a chocolate bar”. We always have reasons for the things we do, but often we lose sight of what they are.

So remember what your motivation is, try and make it something other than “I wanna be thinner”!

Can you think of anything you like about eating less, besides weight loss? Make the effort to notice how your life is better when you eat in healthier ways.

Do you have more energy?
Do you feel healthier, have less coughs and colds?
Do you sleep better?
Do you get heartburn less?
Do you notice that your self confidence is higher?
Do you like the feeling of being in control?

Thinking about these questions might help you cope when temptation looms, always remember you have a choice, you can say yes or no when faced with eating something!

Finish this sentence;
I want to eat less because……

This is your motivation!

Remember Life Starts NOW!

Are you living yet :-)

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