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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Day 1 - Tracking

Well I've worked out that if I don't keep a close eye on what I eat then I eat too much because I do it unconsciously. I want to get back to my goal for the beginning of September so I look and feel healthier, therefore I'm going to track everything I eat and use my blog as my journal. As I know others may read it, it might encourage me to stay to plan!

So I'm going to work on 20pts a day which is 18pt after my milk allowance of a pint of skimmed. Here goes!

45g branflakes 2pts

Breakfast isn't such an issue for me, I have to have something so I have the energy to get my work done but I'm not too fussed what it is, as long as its quick and convenient.

I've noticed that some weeks I have more energy than others, this week seems to be a tired week, so lets see if eating well helps that situation. It will be an effort to cook because when I feel like this it always is, but I shall make myself make that effort!

If my members can do it, then I should too!

Lunch (Main meal)
chicken, smash, vegetables and gravy - 7pts

Quick microwave stuff but edible, I was ravenous, or at least I felt I was so I just wanted something really filling, really quickly and it did the trick. I had it early 12ish and won't get my evening meal till nearly 9pm so I'll try and eat something light later.

I've just ordered my new iphone 4 on an 18 month contract, worked out it'd cost me £1.69 a day for 18 months including my calls etc so worth it, I spend that on wine! And if I manage to get £150 for my old phone then its only gonna work out at £1.42, does that make me a saddo cos I worked that out ;-) Just backing my phone up now to make sure its all done for when my phone arrives, must make sure I store all my numbers that are important just in case!

I could do with an extra few hours in my day or extra days in my week to do all the things I'd like to get done!

It's moms birthday today and Ian (my brother) popped round earlier, it's his birthday too, my other brother Terry and his wife have just called us from their home in Corfu, it's always lovely to catch up with them. My mom does make me smile, I can hear her moaning to herself downstairs she's lost her glasses and every other word is a swearword! Since she turned 70 (she's 72 now) she's had a rewind button installed, she'll tell you something then 20 minutes later press her rewind button and tell you the same thing again, it's quite funny but also quite useful as I have an awful habit of either not listening or not remembering so this way I get to hear it again as a reminder.

I'm messing about this afternoon, can't get my mojo going, so I've been using the new Picasa 3 software I downloaded to use with this blog to sort my photos, its fantastic has face recognition and is sorting all my images. Some wonderful memories in those folders and some freaky haircuts!

Weight Watcher Meal - Chicken Tikka Masala - 5.5pts

I've decided before going to work what I'm going to have for my tea so that I don't have to think about it, so that's a total of 14.5pts in food. which leaves me 3.5pts for red wine should I feel the urge ;) which is an almost definite!

I will confirm tomorrow if I managed to stick to that plan!

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