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Thursday, 1 July 2010

1st July 2010 facebook email

Opportunity knocks just once, but temptation leans on the doorbell!

Well it’s 5.22am and I’ve already walked Alfie!
Still not able to walk him in the afternoon because of the heat but we’re getting out first thing in the morning as you can see and last thing at night, yesterday I earnt 6pts on my pedometer, forgot to put it on this morning before I walked the dog – gutted, that’s missed the first 2,000 steps easily! On track with the weight loss too and yesterday I took the time to cook my lunch and it was delicious, took 10m and cost me 5.5pts, in-between I’m using my blog it helps me focus and process my thoughts – if I’m typing I’m not eating ;-) Anyone can do an online blog about anything, you can even do it anonymously just for you, if you click next blog at the top of the page to see other blogs and get ideas.

Yesterday was another great weight loss day in my meetings we lost 126lb – WOW! Did you lose some of that?

Are you thinking about those habit changes, is any of it making your realise that you need to change the way you think? Here’s today’s habit changing tip;

Take Control of Your Thoughts - Your thoughts are powerful tools for reinventing your world. Choose the thoughts you will focus on. As you notice negative thoughts telling you its too difficult to change, gently redirect them, as many times as it takes, to the positive thought of “I can do this.”

If you want to lose weight, every mouthful of food you eat and every bit of exercise you do makes a difference. But did you realise that every one of your thoughts makes a difference, too?

What you think affects what you do, because you, your thoughts and your behaviours are inseparable. Here's a guide to thinking 'slim' thoughts...

Be Aware Of Your Thoughts
First, become aware of what you're thinking. Many of our thoughts are so automatic that we're not aware of them. And by the time we are aware, it's hard to turn back. If you've already got that biscuit in your hand before you are aware of the thought processes that got it there, it's probably too late. It takes a lot more willpower to put it back in the tin than it does to not take it in the first place.

Next time you find yourself behaving on 'auto-pilot' - eating things you didn't mean to - ask yourself what you were thinking just before you picked up that food. And what about just before that? See if you can trace your thoughts back to the one that got the 'automatic' process started.

Now work out what type of thoughts you're having when you are in control of your eating. When you are happily tucking into a filling meal and you know how many POINTS you're using, what thoughts did you have that resulted in this action?

For example, the thought process for a healthy supper could have started like this:

- What shall we have for tea today?
- I want to stay within my POINTS allowance
- I'll search for some recipes
- Here's a nice recipe; I'll go and buy the ingredients now

Helpful Thoughts
If you start to be aware of your thoughts, you'll notice that some thoughts help you to stay in control of your eating and some hinder you.

Helpful thoughts might be...

- I can lose weight
- I'll feel better if I go for a walk
- I'll make time to sit down for a proper meal tonight
- I can't change the past; I can change tomorrow

Challenge Your Thoughts
To stay in control of your eating you need to control the thoughts that lead to unplanned eating. Once you've become aware of them the next step is to challenge them.

As soon as you notice any unhelpful or negative thought, ask:

- What actions are likely to follow from this thought?
- Is that what you want? If not...
- What do you really want?
- What can you say to yourself that's more likely to get you what you want?

By repeating this process every day it will soon become part of the thinking you do automatically. Your mind can make a big difference. It helps your efforts when you trade in negative thoughts for positive ones.

Remember Life Starts NOW!

Are you living yet :-)

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