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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

July 13th facebook email

You are younger today than you ever will be again. Make use of it for the sake of tomorrow. Unknown.

Lovely morning again, no sign of rain, me and Alfie were out walking at 4.30am! He woke me up with his hiccups ;-)

So yesterday was a huge success on the scales I lost 4lb, and my members lost 142lb so smiles all round! Especially the morning meeting as 22 of them lost 55lb, which is an awesome average. I was pleased that I’d lost the 2lb I’d gained the week before and another 2lb, which means I’m now only 7lb off my goal, a pound a week and I will do it before the conference – yay.

It’s not the willpower that’s helping me this time its strategies, it’s putting in place coping strategies amending things so I can cope.

I’ve realised if I don’t want to eat it, I need to make sure I don’t have it in the house so I cant eat it, no willpower necessary there, you can’t eat what isn’t there!

With my wine, I make sure I start drinking later in the evening so I can only drink so much and I ensure I have enough points left from my allowance in case I drink more of it than planned.

And I’ve started walking and moving more so that I earn more points again in case I go a little over.

I’ve realised I can diet easier from Monday to Thursday night so I am extremely good on those days and try and save a few points for Thursday – Sunday night!

All these little tweaks make all the difference.

So what could your tweak of the week be?

Maybe it could be something relating to today’s habit changing tip;
Get Your Heart Beating - Find a form of exercise that is fun for you—and do it. Getting energy flowing through your body regularly will help you feel strong and more confident.

Here’s just a few ideas;

A – Aerobics
B – Boxing, Ballroom Dancing
C – Circuit Training, Cycling, Climbing
D – Dog Walking, Dancing
E – Ergo (a fancy name for a rowing machine!), Elliptical trainer
F – Flexi-Bar
G – Golf, Gymnastics, Gardening
H – Hula Hooping, Hiking
I – Ice Skating, In-line Skating
J – Jumping!!! Jogging
K – Kick Boxing, Karate
L – Lunges, Leap Frog (do you remember that, can you still do it)
M – Marathon Running
O – Outside Exercise
P – Power Plate, Pilates
Q – Quality over Quantity (ok so not an exercise but work thinking about)
R – Running, Raquetball
S – Spinning, Step, Sword fighting, Stair Climbing, Strength Training, Swimming
T – Tight-rope walking, Treadmill, Tennis, Tai Chi
U – Underwater exercise (such as aqua aerobics)
V – Variation
W – Walking
X – X-rated(mmmm!!!!)
Y – Yoga
Z – Zumba

Remember Life Starts NOW!

Are you living yet :-)

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