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Saturday, 3 July 2010

3rd July 2010 facebook email

If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem, but a fact, not to be solved, but to be accepted and coped with over time.--Shimon Peres

Oh poo, I just closed the wrong document and lost everything I’d already wrote this morning – hey ho, let’s start again!

Isn’t it a beautiful morning, Alfie woke me at 4.40am to go up the garden, then we had a wander round the block, which mainly involves standing still and watching the birds/cats/cars/people etc and listening to the sounds! It’s quite funny watching how interested by everything he is, it’s all new to him, unlike us who mostly rush about not paying attention to anything and never stopping to appreciate and enjoy our surroundings.

Last night Alfie took me to our training class, I’m getting better he was almost proud of me and I got to have a treat when I’d finished! It appears he’s quite well-known out there, a lady at the class asked me his name and then added “Oh are you Bev!” she knows Alfie from my facebook emails ;-)

Yesterday wasn’t the best food day! I met my friend Sarah for lunch at the new restaurant at Bentley Bridge “Cosmo” and all you can eat buffet – oh no! I was planning on having sushi but they don’t serve that at lunchtime so after getting over my disappointment, I did my best to miss out the first serving station which had all the deep fried stuff, spring rolls, battered mushrooms, chips etc, we totally ignored the pizzas and I most had, noodles, meat and vegetables – two plates of! I also resisted the deserts but still left feeling very full!

Back on track today, going to make Chicken in Roasted Satay Sauce with rice today I think for lunch after I’ve got my few jobs out of the way, need to do a stock take and plan my meeting for next week, then I’m off for a massage and then to the garden with good book I think!

Here’s today’s habit changing tip;
Make Commitments and Keep Them - There is only one constant in your life and in every plan you make: you. You must be able to rely on yourself totally to see your plans through to success. When you follow through on your commitments, you will also gain the respect of others.

By starting a diet plan to lose weight and get fitter your taking real positive steps to change your life. It takes commitment and courage to make lifestyle changes and you need to plan ahead and be aware of what you are eating.

Unfortunately sometimes other people don’t like it! It may irritate your partner who starts to think they’re living with someone they don’t know? If you used to cozy up on the settee and share a bar of chocolate or a take away, your other half may miss that moment of togetherness and may feel threatened, they may even think you’re browsing elsewhere!

Family, friends or colleagues may find the new you makes them feel uncomfortable? If you were ‘one of the gang’ before who went to town on alcohol and curries at the weekends or always went out for cakes and morning coffee, the new healthy you could now make you feel the outsider. People can feel threatened when one of their crowd decides not to join in, get drunk or over-indulge, because unintentionally you are holding up a mirror to their own bad habits and their lack of control. They in turn may feel you may be ‘judging’ them by not being one of them and doing as they do, and this could lead to you being taunted or teased. Nobody likes to be the party pooper, alienate people or be some kind of moral crusader. Unfortunately change challenges others and they can react with nastiness and confusion. So what you need to remember is in the long run you are being an inspiration and you need to find the courage not to be upset by others' comments.

It might help to make smaller changes in public such as watering down your wine with spritzers, having a diet coke with no bacardi in it when it’s your round or checking the menu for a low point option without anyone realising what you’re doing, people do “just fancy a salad” sometimes! Say you’re too stuffed for desert, I did yesterday and in fairness I was but I’d planned not to have one anyway.

Don’t broadcast the fact you’re “On a diet”, do it subtley and then when people start to notice you’ll already be on your way to goal.

Most importantly it is worth remembering that if you feel the need to break your diet, eat or drink something you know you don’t want in order to please others, it may be time to reassess your pals and make better friends with yourself.

Remember Life Starts NOW!

Are you living yet :-)

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