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Saturday, 10 July 2010

July 10th 2010 today's email

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Unknown

I'm not suggesting any of my members have a drink problem, but yesterday I was asked how many points in a 70cl & a litre bottle of Bacardi! Let's now mess about with pub measures eh!! Just for the record the answer is 70cl = 22.5pts & litre = 30pts ;-)

I had a smashing day yesterday, I didn’t rush to get my paperwork done, I messed about on facebook, booked a winter weekend break with my pals and generally had a nice steady morning. Katie came round for a coffee then mom and me nipped to Essington fruit farm she had a scone and cream and I had a cup of tea!

Did you know those Chunky Kit Kats that are on sale everywhere are 6pts how do I know because I stupidly ate one and I don’t even like chocolate that much but it was there! However and I know we shouldn’t weigh ourselves other than on weigh day I have hopped on this morning and it’s looking promising for a loss on Monday if I behave the rest of the weekend.

Today’s quote is so very true; I believe that you create your world through the perspectives that you choose to hold.

So with that in mind, here’s today’s habit changing tip;

Speak in Positive Terms - When you think and speak in a judgmental or negative way, you produce negative results. The opposite is also true. By replacing negative language with positive speech, you will find your thoughts clarified, your speech uplifting, and the response of others rewarding.

As someone who’s had problems with my weight for a very long time, the journey to love my body has been turbulent to say the least. I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and cry, or wish that I had been born in someone else’s skin. But I also know that it’s possible to move beyond that mentality. Great progress can be made by employing these small shifts in consciousness, perspective and action:

> Apologize to your body for the many negative things or thoughts that you may have expressed against it.
> Change your body dialogue. Commit to only using words of love when discussing your body publicly or privately.
> Remind yourself that it is through your body that you are able to experience the world.
> Thank your body. It is a gift.
> Make a list of all the things that your body does for you. Your body is very powerful.
> Do something nice for your body.
> Eat something that your body enjoys or engage in physical activity. What does your body want?
> Recognize that your scale doesn’t measure self-worth.
> How much time and energy do you spend scrutinizing your body in the mirror, thinking about it negatively or complaining about it with friends? Think of what you could accomplish by freeing up that time and energy.
> Exercise. Do it to honor your body, and not to look like a super model!
> Ask yourself: “If I had one month to live, how important would my body image be?”
> Remember that fashion and fitness magazines only show a small sliver of beauty.
> People come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re all beautiful expressions of this universe in our own ways. Dare not to compare your body.
> Treat your body like it is sacred. Because it is.
> Who do you admire most? Ghandi? You’re mom? Martin Luther King? Does their physical appearance determine that admiration?
> Accept your body as it is now. You may be committed to a healthier tomorrow, but true change comes through acceptance and not resistance.
> Changing your body isn’t the same as changing your perspective of it. Change the inside first.
> Celebrate the changes in your body as you age. Hair loss, graying and wrinkles are marks of your progression through life – they are badges of honor that can be worn and embraced proudly (even if others don’t reciprocate – that’s their path, not yours).
> Don’t reinforce body image ideals in others. Don’t compliment people for the tightness of their abs so much as the brightness of their laugh.
> Recognize that life is too short to hate your body.

If these tips seem like too much to handle, try employing just one tip each day for the few weeks. And don’t beat yourself up if you fall off-track. We all do. It’s part of the journey.

Where are you at in your journey to love your body?

Remember Life Starts NOW!

Are you living yet :-)

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