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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

You up for the challenge of June-uary?

1st June 2016
Be eccentric now.  Don't wait for old age to wear purple.  Regina Brett.

Who's up for June-uary?  What? Yeah I like the idea, yesterday I asked how we could follow Magical May and had lots of suggestions but my favourite was June-uary, Lisa said 'Let's pretend it's January again cos we've all got more motivation after the Christmas hols' I love this idea and that motivation can help us get through summer feeling fabulous and energised. 

So I had this idea to make that even more likely for us to stick too, because we all know we don't keep those resolutions we set ourselves in January.  They're always too extreme, so instead I'm going to set us a challenge every day.  I'm hoping you join in with me and I'd love it if you comment on my post of Facebook page to let me know each time you've completed a day challenge, let's start using the hashtag #WWJuneuary, share the photos with me of you doing the challenges - let's have some fun with it.  They're not going to be difficult but all of them will help us towards our end goal.

I need help with mine for sure, yesterday wasn't pretty, I didn't finish off the month on track, instead I had wedding cake for breakfast and pie and chips for lunch, the upside was I left the pastry and some of the chips.  I like that today is a new month, clean slate and all that and I'm up for a few challenges.

Day 1 Challenge - really easy, I think anyway.  It's to replace at least 3 hot drinks with a glass of water, if you don't drink hot drinks (tea/coffee), it's to have 3 glasses extra of water, maybe one with each meal today.  Why this challenge? See I've stopped drinking tea and coffee, it wasn't intentional at all, last week I was feeling a bit queasy and counted stomach the idea of a cup of tea or coffee so started drinking hot water, I'm not sure what day I had my last tea or coffee but think it was either last Tuesday or Wednesday, so today I'm 7 days caffeine free for sure.  The withdrawal sucks by the way, headaches, which I'm really not good with at all, however I have noticed I'm sleeping longer, even if I am having strange dreams! 

Why have I stopped drinking caffeine, because it's just one of many things that apparently aren't good when you're going through the menopause, alcohol was  another but let's not get crazy here, one step at a time!  Caffeine, I can easily live without, the wine we'll work towards!

So my day today is going to be much healthier than yesterday for sure!  I'm thinking a light tea of 2 Weight Watcher wraps with tuna and sweetcorn in the middle, maybe a point or two of cheese in there, that'll be about 10 Smart Points or No Count using 2sp for the cheese, mmm instead of the cheese I could have a squirt of low fat mayo and save the 2sp!

I need to use my eggs so I think I'm going to make a crustless quiche this morning and maybe add some little chunks of potato to give it some umph, that can be lunch with some salad.

Breakfast, well I'm feeling the bacon, tomato, egg and toast combo, all easy meals for a Wednesday, all No Count too, I need to do a week of No Count for a training day I have coming up so maybe I'll start it today!  Yeah I think I should as the training is getting closer.  If you have any No Count meal suggestions let me know, either via facebook or email info@happyowls.co.uk.

Right I'm feeling positive, rested and ready to go!  How do you feel today BeYOUtiful?   Let's make it a good one, June-uary all the way xx

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