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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How many can you eat today?

28th June 2016
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.  Emerson.

Mmm what shall we talk about?  I've not done a lot the last few days so not much to work with, I've been chilling, recuperating, I've did a bit of work yesterday morning so I was ready for my meetings today, I'm sat looking at a squirrel on the roof opposite, dozy things got to work out how to get back down now! 

I finally had my jam doughnut that I've fancied for the last 3 weeks, 10sp of didn't last long enough, I think that's one of the things that needs remembering when we choose what we eat is how long it'll last and will it be worth it when we step on those scales. 

I'm opting for no count today I reckon, I've got a Weight Watcher No Count meal in the fridge I can have, I'll start my day with egg and mushrooms on toast, then I might go with tuna and WW wraps for tea, easy to make, no effort as I still haven't shopped properly, I just nipped to the tesco garage for a box of eggs, a bit of fruit and bread.  I could go after my meeting this morning I guess. Yeah I will, go buy some fresh stuff, get my healthy on.

I did do the challenges yesterday though, the waters easy enough, my five a day included apple, satsuma, raspberries, mmm no I didn't, I only managed 3, that's dreadful!  So today, I'm up to eating 8, instead of tuna in my WW wraps, I'm going to funk it up with veggies, maybe roasted mediterranean veg and protein cheese wrap, the cheese will only cost me 1sp of weeklies.  I've also got some frozen mango in the freezer, thinking of whizzing it up, adding it to 0% Greek yogurt and refreezing a little so it's like ice cream.  I'll add tinned tomatoes to my breakfast and I'll add extra veg to my WW No Count ready meal at lunchtime, so that'll help me hit the 8,

1) apple
2) orange
3) mushrooms
4) tomatoes
5) banana
6) Mediterranean veg (this'll be a couple of portions of mixed veg)
7) mango
8) sweetcorn
9) asparagus

Sorted, that can be your challenge too, have as many different types of fruit and veg as you can today, make it a No Count day or include as many No Count foods in your day, even if you're doing Smart Points, the good stuff in on that No Count list, I need to get back to full health and the best way to do that is to feed my body nutritious food.

I need to get me sweet potato, I fancy adding roast sweet potato to those wraps, mmm tasty.

See healthy, nutritious food can be delicious, it's all how you make it, I'm going to cube the sweet potato and roast with the mediterranean veg and some garlic cloves, when roasted and wrapped in a Weight Watcher wrap with some melted protein cheese, that will be delicious!  I could eat it now actually but I'll wait and have that for lunch and the ready meal for tea I think.

Well moms moving about, she greets me each morning with the sight of her bum as she walks into the toilet whilst lifting her nightie, then sits down and farts - attractive ;)

That's my smile moment to start the day, here's to making the rest of the day a great day, that's my mission, I will not be consumed by this head cold, it can go now, it's had its time, it needs to move on.

I look forward to hearing later how many fruit and veggies we've got through today!   Then tomorrow we can all fart along with mom!

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