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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Another day, another challenge

12th June 2016
If we all did the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.  Thomas Edison

I had a lovely day yesterday, my meeting was great, always sets me up for the weekend, then my massage was cancelled last minute as my lovely lady was poorly so I went off to do my shopping instead, decided to treat myself to a few things in M&S Food Hall, then there was 25% of 6 bottles of wine, so I chose 6, then I went to Sainsbury's and bought some more stuff, including a tshirt.  After there I spotted TK Maxx, so another hour later, I left with a big bag of goodies.  On my way home I picked up my new George Foreman with REMOVEABLE plates for easier cleaning! 

so let's just say that grand I got for my PPI claim, there's not a lot left after my day of indulging but I've got a new kitchen toy, some comfy sandals, underwear and new dresses, plus wine and food so all is good in my world.  It was money I wasn't expecting to ever see, so it's meant to be spent on nice things.

I cooked a chicken in the halogen oven, I like it, it's quick and easy, we had a simple chicken salad for tea as my mates doing No Count, I'm such good company, I feel asleep early and she sent me to bed!  Rock and Roll we are ;)

Which brings us to today and the challenge is to plan your main meals for the week ahead, you don't have to actually decide which day you're going to have which meal but planning 7 healthy main meals will definitely help your weight loss efforts.  You could of course make one or two something new, change things up a bit.  You need to consider what's happening too, for example if you have a long 12 hour day, then the last thing you want to be doing is cooking a difficult, new recipe at the end of it.  Think about what you have in your fridge and cupboards already.

I've bought a joint of beef so I might cook that tomorrow and do a roast dinner, I won't feel like it today after I've been at training all day, I'll want something simple, which could be a sandwich, we'll see.  I know I've bought lean burgers and flash fry steak, but I'm thinking should I be eating beef two days on the trot?  Yeah I will I fancy a burger for my tea and I can cook it in my new George and test it out, mmm burgers and onions in Weight Watcher Pitta breads sounds good to me with a load of salad. Nom Nom.

So that's two main meals sorted already, I'll have the steak on Thursday night because that's quick and easy, I'll have me a sandwich with it.  I've bought chicken to make a Jambalaya, that can be Tuesday, so 3 more to decide. Friday I'll probably eat out with Lynne, so now I've got Wednesday and Saturday.

Sunday - burgers and salad
Monday - Roast dinner
Tuesday - Jambalaya
Wednesday - Chicken Tikka Masala (11sp from M&S)
Thursday - lunch M&S Mushroom pie ready meal, steak sandwiches for tea
Friday - Eat out for lunch, Stuffed Peppers from M&S for tea
Saturday - Egg & Chips moms favourite

Sorted, how easy was that, I need to do that when I'm shopping so I don't overbuy food, was more aware yesterday to not over buy but it's so easy to get carried away!

Well I'm off, got to be in Solihull for 9am for training, at least the forecast isn't a sunshine day so I'm not missing out on my hour or two in the garden, although we do need summer back please!

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, whatever you're up to - Enjoy xx

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