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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Enough of the fancy

21st June 2016
He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.  Raymond Hull

Well unlike this time last week, I've had more than 2 hours sleep thankfully, I was actually in bed by half 8 and slept so it was much needed rest. 

After a weekend that involved all fancy food from M&S which actually made me realise I'm not actually missing out on eating anything.  I've been in there a couple of times over the last month and longingly looked at the posh deli type food, so that's what I bought for my visitors on Sunday and even though I enjoyed it, I realised it wasn't any better than the food I already eat on a day to day basis, and that food doesn't make me gain weight quite as much as the M&S stuff would.  Of all the buffet stuff I bought, the ones that stood out was a pasta with spinach and pine kernals in a pesto sauce, I'll be making my own version of that for sure, it was delicious.  I also really enjoyed a bread roll last night, it was 6sp but I would definitely spend those points on one again, it was really tasty.  Finally the coronation coleslaw, oh my days that was extremely moreish and I need to work out how to do a low calorie version for sure, but the rest was all what I call 'just food', good but not worth getting fat for.

Today's challenge is all about "keeping it simple", I want to you to prove good wholesome, healthy food can be simple to put together.  I'm talking egg and chips - cheap, easy and delicious.  Beans on toast - ooo I fancy that now, or fish finger sarnies, nom nom.  Sausage and mash, bacon and eggs, you get my gist.  You can't beat a cold meat salad for quick and easy or a Weight Watcher ready meal for not having to mess around.  Let's prove today weight loss doesn't have to be hard work and there doesn't have to be loads of thinking involved.

Even coronation coleslaw isn't as complicated to make as you'd think, here's one I just found online;

Coronation coleslaw recipe

½ small white cabbage, cored and shredded
1 red onion, thinly sliced
1 x 25g pack coriander, leaves picked and chopped
100g (3½oz) sultanas (16sp)
150g (5oz) low fat natural yogurt (2sp)
3 tbsp korma curry paste (11sp)
6 tbsp mango chutney (22sp)

Combine the vegetables, coriander and sultanas in a large bowl. Mix together the yogurt, curry paste and mango chutney, add the dressing to the chicken and mixture and toss to combine. 

And now I've realised that's 51sp for the recipe, I don't think I'll bother!  Although looking at the ingredients on the one I had, I don't think it had mango chutney in it so that would half the points almost!

I'm looking forward to my simple eating day, I fancy cheesy beans on toast for brekkie maybe, or eggs (not sure what I have in kitchen).  If there's any fish fingers in the freezer they're possibly on the lunchtime menu using the other one of those M&S bread rolls.  Maybe some soup, that's simple food and easy to make too, I know I have frozen butternut squash in the freezer, yeah defo, squash, peppers, onions and garlic - all in my kitchen and needing to be used, ooo soup and bread roll without the fish fingers ;), I can have fish finger sarnies for tea maybe.

Right I'm starving now and it's not even 6am!  Here's to a simple, easy day, enough of the fancy for me.

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, remember the healthy and happy can be simple.

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