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Friday, 10 June 2016

Fridays easy challenge is...

10th June 2016
When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go. Carol Burnett

Starting Day 5 on honest tracking in my new journal, last night I sat filling in the what's made you laugh / best part of today section whilst eating an orange and a banana because filling it in had reminded me I want to lose some weight more than I wanted to go raid the fridge for food I wasn't really hungry for, not physically anyway!

I tried the new wraps and pittas I'd been sent, have to say I'm preferring the pitta over the wrap but I'll try another one this morning before deciding completely.   For breakfast I made this for 4 Smart Points;

 dry fried bacon medallions, onion, mushrooms
 top with 1sp of protein cheese

 fold the other half of the wrap on top and grill

 cut in half and serve;

Then for lunch I made a couple of pitta pizza's for a mere 2 Smart Points each mom and I had one each;

Then I made a cheese, onion and potato pasty for 5 Smart Points, this was delicious;
I'd had enough of them by tea time so settled for a quickly knocked together egg, gammon and rice meal for 11sp.
I've got a busy weekend ahead of me, my usual Sunday is being replaced by a training day with Weight Watchers, I was thinking of having a drive today with mom but the weathers not looking great so will spend some time with mom, wonder if I can get her to come shopping with me, although that can wait to be fair, I need to make a list of all the things I need to get first as I want to go to different shops.

I also need to get me a chicken to have a play with my new halogen cooker I've been generously given ;) so chuffed, can't wait to play with my new gadget, I'm going to need a bigger kitchen!

Today's challenge is super easy for most, do at least an extra 500 steps a day, this means you'll have to make a conscious effort to add those extra steps don't assume there's enough on your fitbit or pedometer, actually think right before I do anything I'm going to do that 500 steps.  Of course if you fancy doing more, that's perfectly fine too.  I think if I do go to the shops I will walk 500 steps round the car park before entering the shop ;)

Right I'm off, I'm in the mood to get stuff done, I have a kitchen that needs a good sort and a chicken to be bought - ooo that rhymed!

Whatever you're up to, enjoy your day, if you're one of my members and want some of those cheese, wraps or pitta see my post in our facebook group as I'm ordering today.  It's not cheap but if I have to be skint to be slimmer - so bit it!

Enjoy your day whatever comes your way, remember to smile, healthy and happy all the way.  That attitude works BeYOUtiful!

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