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Monday, 20 June 2016

She is apt to make careless errors which could be avoided!

20th June 2016
If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.  Lao Tzu

We had visitors yesterday and it was a lovely day and it was almost completely work free!  I nipped to M&S and bought posh buffet food for lunch, I didn't track a thing, just reminded myself of the 80/20 rule and didn't go crazy.  I also let them take the leftovers home with them!  Oh yeah, I wasn't being left with a load of nom nom food that I could graze on for the rest of the day/week.

Before they arrived, as it was Fathers day, I'd had a look through my dad's 'box' yep I don't just have a comfort box in my house, I have an old box that dad used to keep stuff in, it now has the very few photos of him in and all the birth/death certificates.  I also found my school reports in there, oh my, I wasn't a school fan and as the years went on, it started to show.

Illness in the first year of senior school meant lots of missed school time and it all went downhill from there.  I did smile at some of the comments though;

"Enthusiastic about practical work but tends to be impatient when she meets difficulties"

"She contributes enthusiastically in group situations. Her written work displays a great deal of imaginative content, but this could be expressed more accurately."

"she could slow down and give questions a little more thought"

"Although less haste in the completion of work would be invaluable"

"She must take care to organise her ideas carefully"

"One thing that she must take care of is the fact that at times she does tend to rush her work and this results in careless mistakes"

"Beverley works well, but if she is to give of her very best, she will have to develop a little more patience.  In her anxiety to complete work, at the moment, she is apt to make careless errors which could be avoided."

My favourite comment was for Needlework "Beverley enjoys starting each piece of work but she seems unable to complete any of them, rushing to get on". 

Some things never change!  I love starting a new project and there are so many unfinished ones in my room, it's part of who I am and I've embraced it.  I am impatient, I do rush, I still make mistakes and I love that about me, I prefer to say I'm enthusiastic to do things, I have these ideas in my head and I want to do it NOW, I don't want to wait.  That lack of patience also helped me achieve everything on my bucket list by the age of 25, I've travelled the world and now am happy to slow down and chill out. 

And as for my life, well I think I did good regardless, I didn't like school and left early to get a job, I didn't sit my exams, but I have since gone back to school at learned what interested me, did the uni thing eventually on a part time basis and stopped when what I was learning was no longer of interest or use to me, so instead of the degree, I ended up with an HND, I love where I've landed now.  I have the best job in the world and am surrounded by people I love.  I'm not rich but I have enough to pay my bills and that's good enough for me.  Tell your kids to not worry too much about those exam results, they'll find their way in the world regardless.

Back to today, as it's Monday and it's not everyone's favourite day, I'm making today's challenge a nice one, I want you to treat yourself!  Not with food or booze, something else, it doesn't have to be something huge, it could be a magazine, or something to pamper you, something smelly for the bath, or facebook - you guys can have this stuff too, not just the girls.  Why not treat yourself to half hour of time for you, go for a walk, sit and read your book, hide in your car to read if it's the only way to get some peace!

Whatever is going to make you feel good - do that!  I'm going to opt for the book reading I think, I had a new one arrive Saturday so I'll get my reading on. 

That's me, I'm off, need another pint of water, enjoy your day, focus on the now and don't forget to smile, I hope you're still writing that smile list, keep adding to it.

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