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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Have you lost your mojo?

29th June 2016
The purpose of life is to be happy.  Dalai Lama
I spoke to so many people yesterday who were too busy, stressed, lost their mojo or just generally overwhelmed by life.  It's not easy being a grown up these days!

What's the answer, how do we cope?  That every longed for mojo, we've all had it haven't we, that moment when everything clicked, when it all seemed aligned, you were healthy and happy and positive about everything, it feels good to be there doesn't it.  How do you get back there...

Obviously you have to take care of yourself physically and mentally, if your emotionally and mentally exhausted you can be guaranteed your mojo will have done one and disappeared. 

Life's great when your cups full of positivity and energy, but when you're down to the dregs, you'll feel depleted and exhausted - you cannot pour from an empty jug.

I'm not going to lie, it's not easy to get that mojo back if you're feeling  totally drained, that's for sure, but you can do it by addressing one thing at a time.  Start by addressing what's causing your stress, whether it's personal or work, life shouldn't be a continual daily stressful routine.  Life's short folks, don't spend it stressing out all the time, lighten your load, nothing is worth being chronically stressed constantly.   Ask for help, ask others if they can take burdens off your shoulders, stop trying to do it all on your own.

If necessary and it may sound harsh but stop playing the victim and take responsibility, let's stop marching on the spot and start moving forward.  Don't do anything you feel obliged to do, start to love what you're doing.  Decide to be grateful not resentful, straight away your mojo will start to return.

One thing most of us do when we've lost our mojo is mistreat our bodies, we poison it with fatty/sugary foods and excess alcohol, knowing that it isn't helping at all.  How about today you decide to treat your body with loving compassion.  Eat foods that will support you getting back to that place of magic mojo, eat lots of fruit and veg, lean meats, fish, poultry, drink plenty of water.  Living on Maccy D's and takeaways is not going to help you, it'll be part of the reason your mojo is slipping down the drain. 

Get physical!  Yep get up, stand up, strut that funky stuff, or just go for a walk.  Do something to get you moving, it's Wimbledon so how about playing tennis, or find a way to move more you enjoy.  Get up and jog on the spot for a minute right now - do it - do it.  Come on we're looking for that mojo.

Get your giggle on, if you've just done your jog on the spot, you're probably smiling, the next thing to do is find things to make you giggle, how many times did you laugh yesterday?  If you can't remember then it's time to get your giggle on, do whatever it needs, even if that's watching comedy on tv or a funny film.  Ooo you could go play on the park, kick the kids off the slide and swings :)

Turn yourself off from social media for a few hours and go do something else, turn the tv off too now and again.  Do something else, re-engage with those around you rather than those on your phone!

Make sure you surround yourself by people who are also looking for their mojo or who have found it, no one feels better after time spent with a mood hoover!

You mind find getting sorted helps, organise yourself, tidy that kitchen, sort those cupboards, plan your week, know what you're going to do instead of winging it.

STOP just for a moment, picture yourself at your ultimate, visualise the best version of you, what do you look like, how do you feel, what are you doing?  What's different to how you are now?  I've just suddenly sat up straighter, my shoulders were a bit slouched before I typed this paragraph.  So my best version sits up straighter then!

Hopefully you did my challenge yesterday and included more fruit and veggies, I did, I started my day with egg on toast, tomatoes and mushrooms for 5sp, lunch was 2 weight watcher wraps with roasted sweet potato, garlic, carrot, onions, peppers inside and a bit of protein cheese, that was so filling for 7sp.  Then for tea I hate Weight Watchers Lincolnshire sausage and root vegetable mash with asparagus for 8sp, 3 meals for 20sp - bargain!  I also had an apple, orange and some cherries.

Sop plenty of healthy there and I intend to continue that trend today and drink lots of water.  Your challenge today is to work out where your mojo is, has it disappeared?  If it has then decide on that first thing you can do to help you get it back.  Be honest with yourself, remember it's not about being perfect, it's about persistence. 

I've decided if the Summer isn't going to give me sunshine, I'm going to make it myself, I need sunshine in my life, so I'm on the lookout for anything that makes me feel summery from clothes to photos to food.  I need sunshine - what do you need BeYOUtiful?


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