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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Oh hello paracetamol!

25th June 2016
We will always tend to fulfil our own expectations of ourselves.

Up at 4am feeling rough, tonsil touching and a blocked nose, it's all good, I'll drug up, drink tea and get through today, then re-cooperate tomorrow and Monday!  Next time one of you wants to give me something though, I'd prefer flowers to the lurgy :)

Yesterday was ugly on Facebook, so I decided to do something silly, I'd told one of my members to give her head a wobble and get back on track and to help, I made a daft video to show her how. https://www.facebook.com/bevww/videos/10154056690045862/ I then suggested anyone else who needs to give their head a wobble and get back on track, should do the same. 

I was interesting to see how many didn't want to post their videos on their own time lines for whatever reason, but I know for some it was because they were concerned about what others would think.  It reminded me of when I used to live in a world where I cared about what people thought of me, I hated to look silly or stupid and was constantly aware of my looks, I'm so relieved to say I don't live there anymore, I've got to a place where I'm okay to look silly, I'm okay with whatever someone else thinks and it's a much nicer place where I am now.  Embrace your inner silly, it's liberating and I have to say, literally giving your head a wobble really does make you smile.  If you have a go and like it, film in and tag me :)

Well the paracetamol and tea is helping, my tonsils don't feel like they're actually touching anymore, let's hope this curbs my appetite and helps me get back on track!  Always a positive, if only you look!

Yesterday I felt okay right up until the moment I finished my meeting last night, I could feel that scratchy throat starting, the moment I see white flecks, I'll be off to the docs, I've always had problems with tonsillitis so hoping that it's just a bad throat.

Earlier in the day I went to get weighed - it wasn't pretty!  The last couple of weeks of tracking badly and not paying attention because of distractions has finally caught up on me.  I went for lunch with my bestie, we ended up in Wetherspoons and check this out;
 Oh yeah you can now order from your table using an app!  Of course we did because we wanted to play and see how it worked, it was quick, our drinks came over immediately and our lunch less than ten minutes later!  I had a chicken, bacon and avocado salad, 17sp, I could've had so much more for 17sp at home but hey ho, I wanted to spend time with my mate and have a giggle, which we did.  Having said that, avocado is high in Smart Points wherever you eat it!

So I'm thinking I'll start today with a shower to help clear my sinuses, I'll make sure I have a water bottle with me constantly and keep topping up on Paracetamol to keep my temperature down, early night and a day of rest tomorrow.  I'll be home about 6ish, so I can relax then.

I hope you're feeling better than me, whatever you've got planned today, let's make it a good one, I'm looking forward to seeing the smiles on all my members faces today.

Smile, look for the good and have a great day.

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