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Thursday, 23 June 2016

What would Bev do?

23rd June 2016
You are always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.

Well good morning, how's your world?  Mines pretty damn peachy, I've just done my 20 minutes meditation, got a little sidetracked after about 10 minutes, but still carried on.  I'm looking forward to another great day at work, ain't I lucky that I enjoy going to work, it's just a great way to live.

Last night was a very good meeting, the lovely Paul achieved his goal, four stone lost and I'm sure you'll agree he's looking fantastic.  Pauls been a walking advertisement for Weight Watchers over the last couple of years and he's introduced lots of his pals to the group, we now have a great group with a good percentage of them chaps and I have to say those chaps are doing incredibly well which makes me really smile. 

Look at the difference;

It's a pleasure to have members like Paul, it really is. 

I was super proud of another member last night, she's been struggling to put herself first, always does what's best for everyone else at the expense of her own health and needs.  Not last night, at the scales she told me she was ready to prioritise herself,  she needed her meeting and when the family had assumed she would just weigh and go home, she realised that wasn't going to help her with her weight loss this coming week so instead of agreeing to not stay, go home and make their tea, she said, "I stood there and thought, what would Bev do?"  Well how proud was I, because she was absolutely correct, Bev would've said, "No, I'm not just weighing, I'm having me an hour at my meeting and I'll see you later!"  Well done that woman I say!

I do have to say, "What would Bev do?" could get you in a lot of trouble and it did make me smile all night, I love the idea of people thinking it as they're in a dilemma, cos Bev can do some pretty stupid things ;-)

So today's a truly important day, we all get to vote in the referendum, this time tomorrow we'll have the decision and either way life will continue.  Just think if you were voting in a referendum on your health and happiness, would you be in or out?  Silly question?  Well not really, because unfortunately not everyone is doing something about improving their health and happiness, they're just existing.  So if you are one of those that is working on taking care of you, be proud of yourself, you don't have to be 'on it' all the time, it's all about that 80/20 mix remember, you can do this, take care of you and when you get to your goal, I'll do a lovely 'then / now' image for you too!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful. xx

Ooo nearly forgot today's challenge....

Mmm, let me think, okay how about you write down your why.  Why do you want to lose weight?  Be personal and specific, for example 'I want to lower my blood pressure, I want to get back into my jeans, I want more energy for chasing the kids, I don't want to hid from the camera on my next holiday.  Yeah that's today's challenge.  If you know your reasons, you're more likely to achieve them.

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