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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Oops, that is all...

31st May 2016
Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege.  Use it.  Dwell in possibility.  Oprah Winfrey.

And there it was gone!  That's the last Bank Holiday until the end of August and even though I don't work Mondays, they still feel like a holiday, I think because so many others are off.  In true Bank Holiday style I went off track, there was chocolate involved and ice cream, so I won't be getting a weight loss this week! Hey Ho, that's the reality of life, it's why I'm a Weight Watcher because I likes to eat and I get easily led astray sometimes, even by myself.

If you're in my gang, how about we draw a line (yeah I know another one, I've got a good marker pen, I can draw as many lines as I need to!) and get back on it!  Notice I didn't stay start over, I never stop so I don't have to restart, I just pause occasionally.   

My meals have been good, it was just the other stuff in-between, temptation got the better of me, sunshine and wine, before I knew it, I had a small cornetto in my hand!  On a positive, I have a clear kitchen, sorted cupboards and a list of meal ideas to get me through the rest of the week.  Need to eat the eggs as I've got quite a few, might make me a crustless quiche or a nice frittata, especially as I have potatoes too, ooo yeah I like that idea.  Ooo I've just remembered a pasta frittata thing I had once, I only got a taste of one someone had made but it was really tasty and filling, simple to make too, cook the pasta, then make an omelette like mixture with any veggies in that you fancy and throw the cooked pasta in.

Just realised today is the last day of Magic May, believing in yourself, remember if you can do that - you can do anything.  Need to think about Junes theme today then!

I spent yesterday just relaxing and being reminded that I just enjoy the normalness of my life, I like doing nothing, chilling with my mom, hanging out in my garden.  I have no desire to go off doing stuff really.  I've made a life I love and I'm happy, my job is my social life, when I get together with my friends, it's always for lunch because they know I don't do evenings and parties or any of that, partly because I don't enjoy it and also because I don't like to leave mom on her own.  We have a routine and routine works really well for both of us, so why change that.

I did do some ironing though, I kept to that promise and I finished my book, I'm sure that's the first book I've read this year!  Hopefully it won't be the last, I'll get my kindle out now and see what's on there.  I also did a little bit of gardening, still not feeling the love but hoping June will sort that out, I always have been a fair weather gardener.

Keeping it brief again today, got a car to load, shower to have, breakfast to eat, mom to sort and I'm short of helpers this morning, my Sharon's enjoying a much deserved holiday - all good fun ;)

Here's to making the last day of May a healthy one, I'm gonna ask mom to hide the rest of her chocolate, I can resist the cornettos and I'll be busy today so my mind will be distracted.
Have a magical day BeYOUtiful, wherever and whatever you've got on the agenda today, let's make it a healthy one.


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