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Friday, 24 June 2016

Last night I went crackers!

24th June 2016
First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.  Epictetus
The sky is blue and suns shining this morning, that's my favourite kind of day to wake up to, especially when I've had a lie in, mom woke at the same time so I've skipped my meditation this morning and gone straight to a mug of tea ;) I'll meditate later, it'll get fit in, might even get to do it outside in the sunshine if the rain stays away.

So last night once again proved if it's there at some point I will eat it!  There was a box of crackers and some cheese left from our family buffet on Sunday that my brother didn't take and mom and I sat and demolished them!  Oops!  There will not be any weight lost in our house this week, that means I'll be drawing a line today, the freezer is being emptied a bit at a time, the fridge is empty, I'm not going shopping until Sunday when I have time to stop and think about what I'm buying and do a bit of planning. 

I need to regroup, mom being in hospital was a setback but she's okay again now (well.... as okay as she'll ever be, she's never right ;) is she!) and we both need to get back to eating healthy, getting those portion sizes under control and getting the balance back.  I'm actually looking forward to it, I love the healthy, delicious foods I eat and I've not really been enjoying some of  the stuff I've been having this week, it's just been food.   My favourite has been sausage, mashed potato and gravy.  As nice as the bread roll was from M&S for 6sp, Dave was right when he asked 'but was it worth it' and the truth was nah, not really, I've had equally good rolls for less, plus the enjoyment is so fleeting, it's not worth gaining weight for really is it!

I've heard the referendum results on the radio this morning, I don't want to chat about that, there's enough of it going on without me, but the passion of people is something else, they seem to care much more about what's going to happen to their country as a whole than they do about their own personal health and wellbeing!  Where's the logic in that?  It doesn't matter whether we're in or out of the EU, if we're gonna keel over with a heart attack or a stroke because we don't live well. 

So In a referendum on your own health and happiness would you be voting IN for good health habits, weight loss & making changes or OUT for bad habits, continuing to overeat and slowly gaining?

I know where my vote lies there, I may possibly be one of the worst Weight Watchers in the world, but I'm still one, my weight loss ability might suck a little but I'm still healthy, I still focus on the good stuff 80% of the time, maybe 75% at times. 

Change begins at home, it begins with that person you see in the mirror every morning, be the change you want to see in the world.  My blog on Sunday about Gavison and other indigestion remedies seems to have hit home with a lot of you from the feedback I've had.  We can hide behind baggy clothes, excuses and rennies as much as we want but unless we make changes nothing will change.

We are a very compassionate, generous nation, look at the amount of money we raise for charity, whenever something devastating happens in other countries, we raise millions, let's start being compassionate towards ourselves, let's come to our own rescue, start taking care of you because you're important too!

Healthy and happy, don't spend today dwelling on the past, or bickering about something that's done, move forward, smile and focus on the healthy & happy.

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