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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

It's hard to be shining when you're whining!

22nd June 2016
Look at life through the windshield, not the rear view mirror.

Some mornings I get up and don't know what to write, do I tell you yesterday wasn't the best food day, I stuck with the 'simple' challenge but let's just say there was a lot of bread involved, although I did make a nice soup and ate an apple. Or do I tell you about the stuff in my head I'm trying to process, nah you don't need to see inside there at the moment ;)

I know I'll give you a challenge then I'll use this time to plan my day because planning will help me have a much better day than I had yesterday! 

Today's challenge is to have a complaint free day, for someone who is mostly positive, I do love a good moan!  The truth is though the more we complain, the more unhappy we're going to feel.  So just for today, how about we all hold-off from complaining about the little things, people, situations or events - that irritate us.   Instead let's focus on the things that make us feel good and on the things that are right with the world.  24 hours without complaining - because we all deserve to be happy don't we?

That's gonna be a difficult one you know as we are a nation of complainers and as it the referendum tomorrow, it'll be easy to have a moan about it all, so if you do find yourself discussing this subject, make sure it's in a none moany way.

Why this challenge, what difference will it make to your weight loss success?  Erm, well happy people make healthy choices so it's a no brainer really plus I'm smiling imagining all of you trying to bite your tongue - me included.  I was a proper whinger yesterday over computer stuff not doing what I wanted it to.

Right so I need to get my meals planned, would you believe I don't have any eggs in this house, that's just weird, I went to have egg for breakfast yesterday and there was none to be seen, it was stressful ;) so this morning I'll have bacon medallions (2sp) and tomatoes with melted protein cheese (1sp) on toast (3sp) as I know that's all in my kitchen and I want to work through the fridge and freezer and use what I already have in.  I've got a heck order coming today, so I'm feeling sausage (2sp), curry beans (3sp) and mash (3sp) for lunch, might have cheese melted (1sp) on the mash.  Just realised if I bring my portion sizes down to 4 sausages for 2 instead of having more and have 1/4 of a can of beans instead of half, I'll save points and I won't be hungry after either, my portions have definitely been creeping up again.

Mmm what shall I have for tea... Ooo tuna melt toastie, using lighter than light mayo, sweetcorn, protein cheese and a tin of tuna.  Might need to get a loaf, or I might just have enough.  Wish my pitta breads had arrived!  Hey ho, ooo I actually might have the tuna melt on some pasta instead of bread, yeah sorted that's my day done.  60g pasta 6sp, tuna 1sp, sweetcorn 2sp, protein cheese 2sp, and mayo 1sp.  Sorted!

Feeling back in control now and ready for my day, amazing what 20 minutes meditation , a pint of water and half hour processing my thoughts into my blog can do to completely change the direction my mind was in danger of going it. 

Remember if you don't like the direction you're going in BeYOUtiful, you can take a sharp left or right at any time and change it, don't look back though, you're not going that way!

Also our direction is more important than our speed so don't beat yourself up if you're progress is slow, it isn't a race, health and happiness isn't a 'place' to get to, it's a constant way of life to live.  Let's enjoy this life we have xx

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