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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Challenge 5 - Dear Beverley....

5th June 2016
The secret of happiness is the determination to be happy always, rather than wait for outer circumstances to make one happy.  J Donald Walters
Well it may be Sunday but I'm up early - WHY?  Partly because I woke but also because the forecast is sunshine and I have a stock take to do, so I want to get it done early and out of the way so I can spend some time in the garden enjoying the weather.

Yesterday's challenge it would appear wasn't quite as easy for some of you as eating your fruit and veg and drinking your water!  Well done to those who accepted the challenge anyway and hopefully it's made you realise that you need to love yourself now to every truly be happy with you in the future.  We don't take care of anything we don't love.

To help you prepare for the challenges over the week ahead, I'm giving you them all today in case you need to think about it or plan, I'll then remind you each morning, so here they are;

Today: Write a note to your younger self!  
Monday: Meat free Monday!  Either the entire day or your main meal?
Tuesday: Go without bread products for a day - this is a real toughie for most of us I think!
Wednesday: Include more No Count foods even if you're doing a Smart Point day, we all know these foods are good regardless of which plan you're following, Wholewheat pasta and rice, lean meat, fruit and veg the list is a good list of foods.
Thursday: Try a new recipe or meal
Friday: Do at least an extra 500 steps a day
Saturday: Track honestly - everything good or bad
Sunday: Plan your main meals for the week ahead

Okay so back to today's!  If you could write a note to your younger self what would you say?  What advice, if any would you give to them.  Do it, don't think about it, write it, you might just choose to reminisce with them about things, or you might offer advice, who knows, it's your letter.  I know mine will tell me not to starve and over exercise to achieve a body that really didn't make my life any better at all, whilst I was doing that, whilst I was trying to be better, I was missing out on so much of life.  I was always trying to be "appropriate" is the only word I can think of, I didn't want to show myself up, wanted to be respected and now I think why.  Now I laugh a lot and mostly at myself, I always used to care what others thought back then and now I don't give a stuff, you like me or you don't. 

I'll be writing me a letter a little later when I'm sitting in the garden, I think I'll choose to write to my 19 year old self as when I was little that was the age I always wanted to get too, then when I did, it seemed such hard work!  I never felt like I fitted in, I didn't want to do what the other girls were doing and as much as I tried to fit, it just wasn't me. 

Hey ho, you can't change the past but you can embrace the now and change the future which is what I've been doing for many years now, I love the life I've created, even the crap bits, I've learnt so much, read so many books looking for answers and turns out I already had the answers in me, I just needed to listen. Xx

Enjoy your Sunday BeYOUtiful whatever you have planned, I know I will.

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