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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Smile - Happy looks good on you!

18th June 2016
Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.  Steve Jobs

WOW, last night was a busy one, to say I only opened it 5 weeks ago, it's absolutely buzzing, and I just love how they've all bonded so soon, it's incredible and wonderful.  Not forgetting the great weight losses too!

Now to get ready for this morning's Saturday super crew, I always have a giggle at this meeting, again a great bunch but a completely difference vibe, all the meetings have their own personality, how fantastic is that.

It's been quite a week really, my members have been awesome as always and I'm ending it with a smile on my face, I've got to nip and buy niceness today as we're having my brother and his two girls tomorrow for father's day, let's be honest my mom was both our mother and our father, cos bless my dad but he didn't really do a lot in the 'dad' role other than exist!  I'm thinking M&S poshness and a cold lunch, that we can pick at as and when we fancy rather than sit down to a meal - our house is too small for that.

I've tracked this week but not been great, I've survived let's say, I haven't overeaten but I've still gone over my points, the start of the week, mom in hospital, well let's just say losing weight wasn't a priority, having said that it also wasn't used as an excuse to say 'sod it'.

I've stocked up on a bit of fruit and we drove to 3 shops yesterday to get Weight Watcher sausages, I made the mistake of asking on Facebook where I'd get them and everyone else went and got them first I reckon!  Giant Yorkshire pudding for 9 Smart Points, with 3 Weight Watcher Cumberland sausage for only 3 Smart Points - they've really improved that recipe, they were delicious in onion gravy for another 1 Smart Points, some mash and peas nom nom, really bang on meal.  A good sausage sandwich for breakfast perhaps, or a sausage and egg wrap, I can do that for  under 7sp depending on how big I wanted it, whereas McDonalds is 10sp and wouldn't be a patch on mine!  I've missed a good pork sausage, I love sausage and mash, or sausage, egg and chips, such easy to cook food too.

Right what shall we make today's challenge....

Ooo what about a smile list!  See how long you can make it, write down at least 100 things that make you smile, make you happy, absolutely anything that makes that curve on your face turn up.  Grab a pen and a notepad and add to it throughout the day, even the weekend.  All those little things that add value to your life, that make you happy to be alive, the smell off freshly baked bread when you're tired and doing your supermarket shop.  Lazy days in your PJ's, let your mind really wander whilst you reminisce over the past to find things, that day you collected shells on the beach.... your favourite snuggle jumper.... the sound of kids playing.... freshly cut grass.... birds morning chorus....  Anything that gives you an ounce pleasure.  When it starts to get hard, start to notice things throughout the day as you're going about your business, that list should really never end, you should be able to add to it week in week out as and when you come across something else.  And for those who've been to my meeting this week, it could go in your box, Saturday morning folks, I'll tell you about that in a little while.  I'm looking forward to starting mine too, I'm gonna get mom on the case too, we can both start writing one - I have a feeling cream cakes might make an appearance on moms and red wine on mine!

Herons will be up at the top of mine, every time I see a heron, my face turns into a huge giant grin, I just love them, they are amazingly glorious birds, my sparrows on my bird feeders will go on their too.  Yeah this is a good challenge, I'll be smiling all the time I'm writing it, so that'll have to go on the list too, things that make me smile;

1) writing a smile list!
2) the words BOOM & Whoop Whoop
3) my radio
4) my members
5) my photo of mom on my office wall
6) my computer because it keeps me in touch with everyone I love and care for
7) my posh perfume
8) Doctor Who
9) Handcream
10) ..

Oh this is fun, that's just sitting in my office and not really having to try hard to think  and I need to stop for now, and get ready for work, here's to a super dooper day BeYOUtiful, smile, write it down, make it count. MWAH!  Oooo that's another word that makes me smile.

10) Mwah (great word).

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