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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Are you up for another challenge this Juneuary?

11th June 2016
Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.  Ralph Emerson
Let's get straight down to today's challenge shall we, no actually did you do yesterdays first - well did you make a conscious effort to walk an extra 500 steps?  All these things will be helping you on your weight loss journey.  Let's just recap to see whether you're still doing some of the others, more water?  I'm doing that one for sure, still not had the caffeine, don't think I can tell the difference of not having it though and I was already drinking more water which I do notice the difference when I forget, dehydration is subtle because you don't realise that it's the cause but it sucks, lurky heads, achy joints, tiredness.   What about the fruit and veg, are you eating more, I wasn't so great with that yesterday, normally I try to have something with every meal but breakfast didn't have any, although I did throw an orange in there, lunch was better, we had chicken, with blue cheese mushroom, and a mixed salad so that'd count as 3 of them, then tea I had chicken again with brocolli, onions and peppers so only 2 of them counted as I'd had pepper with lunch.  No my best fruit and veg day, today I'm going to go and buy some nice ready prepared fruit as Sheila bought me a tray of pineapple Thursday and it was hassle free and delicious.  I'm enjoying the oranges and apples too, so will get more of them. 

I'm definitely eating mostly No Count foods even on a Smart Point day and today's challenge is to track honestly - everything good or bad!  I've been doing this since Monday in my journal and it's helping, I'm enjoying filling it in as I sit down in front of the tv around 8ish, it's reminding me that I want to lose weight at a time I'm normally starting to think 'sod it' I'll just have....

Instead I'm sitting and writing what I've had from my photos, thinking back over what's happened that day looking for the smile moments, checking my app for my Fit Points, yeah it's good, I likes it a lot.  I'm still not being perfect but I'm improving and that's good with me. 

Yesterday was a lovely day, because I'm out Sunday I spent the afternoon with mom, we chilled in the garden for half hour, then decided we'd rather come and watch tele together, Grey's Anatomy made us both cry and then we watched something that made us smile, all about balance, even with the tv!

Today's going to be a No Count day in our house because my besties is stopping tonight, she's got a long day, her own WW meeting, then area meeting, then training tomorrow with me in Solihull at 9am!  So I'm going to make her Dinner to save her driving all the way back home.  I'm thinking of getting a chicken and trying out my new halogen oven that a lovely lady gave me :), I've got some WW pitta breads and maybe a huge fresh salad with a nice dressing made from yogurt and garlic, I might roast the garlic in with the chicken and some veggies maybe.  Ooo we'll see, nothing too strenuous though as I don't feel like being a Delia today.

Right I'm off to get ready for the Saturday mayhem, looking forward to seeing them all, let's hope we don't have the torrential rain we had last night and Wednesday night as I was unloading the car, I've been a big drip a few times this week :)

Have a BeYOUtiful day, track honestly and let's lose some weight.

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