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Friday, 17 June 2016

If you just smile

17th June 2016
You are who you hang out with - choose wisely.

Well it's Friday, that's been quite a week hasn't it, but once again we made it through, helped by wonderful supportive people, laughter and positivity - you can't beat that.  Oh and of course sleep, that always helps, I just don't function well without it, although I have to say this week caffeine has been my friend again.  Having not drunk any for 3 weeks in any form, one cake of diet coke Tuesday morning and I was bouncing like Tigger!   I haven't gone back to drinking a lot but I did realise without tea and coffee I wasn't getting my milk and that's the only form of calcium I get regularly as I'm not really a yogurt eater and cheese is so high I only have occasionally.

I've managed to continue to fill in my journal this week but I've not really been in my allowance, I've eaten my 3 meals a day, and I did snack on fruit yesterday as promised, a lovely lady bought me a tray of pineapple and melon slices which was a delicious morning snack, then I had my apple, need to shop for some more.  

Really easy challenge today, I want you to SMILE!  Yep, smile at 3 strangers, more if possible, smiling is contagious - we all have a subconscious drive to smile when we see one.  So before you know it, you'll have created an amazing chain of smiles.  Plus when you smiled you look good and you feel good and doesn't want to look and feel good!

As the saying goes, a smile really is the curve that sets everything straight!  We all know that when we are happy we naturally smile but it's true that when we smile our natural response is to be happy!  Tis true you know, science says so and science is always dead clever and usually correct ;)

Once again I'll hold with my belief 'fake it till you make it', the next time you're on the edge, whether you're stuck in traffic or having a bad day at work, smile, force it if you have to, remember you can't say 'bubbles' without smiling, that'll help if you're struggling to force a smile!  It works, we've all heard the "grin and bear it" quote, well it works, and it can actually help your heart health too (more scientific proof for that one too).  Other research has shown people who smile are thought to be more friendly and likeable, no one wants to hang out with a mood hoover now do they!  And smiling makes those around you chirpier too, why wouldn't you want to spread joy?   Do you need any more reasons?  Just in case, here are 10;

1) Smiling makes us attractive
2) Smiling relieves stress
3) Smiling elevates our mood
4) Smiling is contagious
5) Smiling boosts your immune system
6) Smiling lowers your blood pressure
7) Smiling makes us feel good
8) Smiling makes you look younger
9) Smiling makes you seem successful
10) Smiling helps you stay positive

 I'm guessing if you've read all that you're either thinking,' yeah good idea' or 'whatever, it's not that simple, I'm not feeling like smiling', if you're the latter today, enjoy being a mood hoover for the rest of the day xx

I know it isn't always easy to smile, hell when I woke up Tuesday morning after 2 hours sleep with my mom in hospital, it would've been easy for me to wallow a little, instead, I decided I was going to go make other people smile and that in turn made me smile.

Come on let's all smile and confuse folk :)  
By the way, I'm wearing the smile you all gave to me :)

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