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Monday, 13 June 2016

I'm looking forward to today's challenge!

13th June 2016
Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.  Robert H Schuller

Where did that weekend go?  I be mostly spending today with my mom, I've barely seen her this weekend, weather forecast not great so I'm thinking a day at home, I might do a bit of cooking and watch a bit of tele with her.

Yesterday I got to sit with my mates at training so that was a good and interesting day, I love the direction Weight Watchers has gone in over the years, I love how they have that happy and healthy attitude, it's not just about being 'thin' anymore!  You don't have to get thin to be happy, you can be happy now, and as I've always said, weight loss becomes the side effect of loving and taking care of yourself! 

I honestly tracked 100% this week, it doesn't always make for pretty reading (no I won't be sharing my journal pages!), it is however truthful and helping me see where I need to tweak.  I was rather proud of myself yesterday, I turned down Mcdonalds, I resisted in the moment to help me get this week's weight loss. I've pledged to lose 10lb in 10 weeks and I meant it, 10 weeks of completing my journal.  I'm pleased to say after my first weigh in, on Day 1 week 2, I've lost 2.5lb, so need another 7.5lb to get the 10lb!  I'm chuffed with that, it was worth not having the burger, don't get me wrong I have indulged but there was something I wanted more than the big mac yesterday and it came in a glass!  All about balance.

Today's challenge is to do something fun, there's more to life than eating, let's prove it.  I know most are at work, it doesn't have to be something that'll take a long time, it could be watching a funny video on you tube, dancing whilst your making a cuppa, singing in the car.  I enjoyed having my mini shopping spree - that was fun, I'm going to enjoy cooking a new recipe today I think, I love to spend time in my kitchen, maybe read some of my book too - that's fun.  We all have different ideas of what's fun, mom loves doing her crosswords.  You could get your bike out, or go for a walk with a friend, go play over the park with the kids even!  That really is fun, nothing funnier than a see-saw :).  If you're at work, whilst no one's looking be writing out your bucket list, then plan to do one of those things soon.  The only thing on mine I still haven't done is a tandom bicycle ride, Wyatt we need to do this!  I enjoy wandering round a book shop, see we all find different things fun, I even get pleasure out of buying new stationary, you can't beat a new pad and pen!

So that's your challenge, I hope you have fun doing it!

Ooo I do have something fun to do today actually, you'll find out about that in your meeting this week if you're one of my members, if you're not I'll probably share it next Sunday once our week is done.  YAY, I'm smiling now I've remembered I'm doing that today, it's definitely going to be fun. 

Oh I'm off, I want to get started, if I get my bit of paperwork done and the kitchen sorted ready to cook later I can start on my fun day right away.  You enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, I know I'm going to. xx

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