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Friday, 3 June 2016

June-uary, Day 3...

3rd June 2016
Dream as if you'll live forever.  Live as if you'll die today.
Morning all, I've had a little lie in this morning so I better get a diddle on, I need to be giving you a Juneuary challenge for today, today's is easy-ish I think.  It's Friday after all which means the weekends ahead of us and from experience I know we sometimes pretend it's not about to happen then when we suddenly get faced with a day out, a picnic, a meal out, a bbq or a drinking session we act as if it was a surprise, like we weren't expecting it and well we hadn't planned for it had we!  So that's the challenge, take some time today to think about the weekend ahead, the forecast is sunshine 24 degrees according to my phone at least on Sunday.  What might you be up to, how will you cope?

If you're eating out or likely too, where might that be?

If you're going to be shattered when you finish work tonight and you know there's a danger of a takeaway, could you plan a fake-away, could you choose wisely about that takeaway?

BBQ likely on Sunday?  How can you make that work?  Could you do No Count that day and make some No Count friendly food, lean burgers, steak, chicken breast kebab skewers?  Then save your weeklies for a drink or two.

Day out, where, will you take a packed lunch?

I know I might get mom to go for a drive out on Monday, we'll probably stay in garden Sunday and I may do a garden centre trip, so I can stick to my No Count relatively easy and I'll use my weeklies for my wine.

So come on accept the challenge, stop, think and plan today, don't pretend the weekend is unlikely to cause you any problems.

And I'd love for you to also keep the drinking more water and eating more fruit and vegetables going, I didn't do too bad yesterday, managed tomato, baked beans (yeah they count as one of your five a day!), green beans, corn on the cob, salad (watercress, cucumber, lettuce, celery), sweetcorn, apple and satsuma.

I need to get some more in my life I've realised so that is my extra challenge to add new stuff to the shopping basket.

Right I'm off, I'm going to give you the week of challenges ahead on Sunday so you can plan them into your week in advance if you need to, I need time to do that, so it'll have to wait till Sunday :)

For now, I've got paperwork, my Weight Watcher meeting to get weighed, I need my leader to motivate me to want to lose weight, I always want to eat healthy but it's never quite enough to be a good loser :) maybe she has a magic pill for me today or some wise words of wisdom.

Then I get to be a leader at Essington tonight, and share more success at those scales. 

Let's make it a great day shall we, I've already done a glass of water, have you?

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