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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

She's home, I'm happy

15th June 2016
Hope is a talent like any other. Storm Jameson
What a couple of days!  Moms home and asleep in her bed with Alfie by her side I'm happy to say after 24 hours in hospital.  She was taken in with sickness and pains, I've never seen her in so much pain, poor love, the doctors thought she may have had a cardiac episode (thankfully she hadn't). The sickness was acute gastroenteritis attributed to the large hiatus hernia she already has, so it's back to the consultants they've said.  We've been aware she needs an operation for 3 or so years since she was really poorly the Christmas we were in Wales, however she chose not to have the operation and to control the condition with eating healthier.  Time to reassess and have some conversations I think.   Once again New Cross hospital staff were incredible from the porters to the doctors, thank you for the NHS!

If you are trying to lose weight for whatever reason, remember it's not all about the visual on the outside, you don't always see the damage you're doing to yourself when you overeat or eat unhealthily.  My mom spent years being the best mom in the world, taking care of 5 kids and just generally being incredible, unfortunately my dad wasn't the most supportive and all the worries of being a parent were mostly left to her.  She didn't take care of her health, she ate badly, gained weight and ended up with this hiatus hernia which got worse as the years went on, that hernia ended up the size of a tennis ball a few years ago, then that Christmas in Wales her stomach twisted and now 2/3rds of her stomach are in her chest!  Unpleasant ay!  Years of taking antacids, lansoprazole and indigestion remedies such as gaviscon to mask the systems and pain of these issues have led us to where we are today.  So if you take any of those things because you over-indulge and it takes the pain away be aware the damage is still happening you just can't feel the pain at that moment, it doesn't mean you won't.

Sorry if that's a little negative but we can't live in a plastic happy bubble pretending it's all good! 

Mom's back to smaller meals for sure and treats will be more limited, we will do everything we can to keep her healthy.

Today's challenge is to focus and think about what you're going to eat, sit without distraction to eat your meals. Put everything on a plate and sit down.  Even if it's a snack, take it out the wrapper, put it on a plate and sit down and concentrate on it.  Be more mindful of what you're eating as so often we've eaten something and not even tasted it!  It's one thing overeating but quite another doing it and not even tasting, or getting any pleasure from it at all because we weren't paying attention! 

I have fancied a jam doughnut for a couple of weeks now and yesterday morning in my meetng when we were all chatting, I said I would have one for my lunch to get it out my system, I didn't, I changed my mind.  Why?  Because I wanted to enjoy eating the doughnut and yesterday wasn't about enjoying eating at all, my mind was elsewhere, waiting to find out what was happening with my mom, food yesterday was merely fuel.  That is not the time to be eating a jam doughnut and wasting the experience.  Today however, may be, because today I'm happy to have her home and sleeping soundly.  

Yeah, I did stay in control of my eating yesterday, I ate 3 meals, the last one was corned beef on toast, so not the healthiest choice I guess but it was quick and delicious and washed down with a glass of wine and a good nights sleep.  I did go over my dailies, I did however eat a healthy breakfast of bacon medallions, egg, tomatoes and mushrooms, mid morning I snacked on a banana, apple and orange and for lunch I opted for a ready meal so overall I did okay, I was pretty healthy and if I can stay in control on a day like I had yesterday after 2 hours sleep then I can stay in control at other times.

Here's to smiling today folk and every day finding those reasons to smile #WWsmiletime use this hashtag, tag me and share your smile moments with me, those little YAY moments, those victories at the scales or in the kitchen, add me on Facebook if you haven't already so you can tag me https://www.facebook.com/bevww everything on my personal page is public anyway, I don't have any secrets, my life's an open book!

One of my #WWsmiletime moments yesterday was one of my lovely members thanking me and telling me I'd really made a difference to her outlook over the last 5 or so weeks and it wasn't just about the food - that made me smile big time because I'm all about the healthy, all about the happy, all about realising you're BeYOUtiful.

Mwah xx

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