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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hey gorgeous you up for challenge number 4?

4th June 2016
The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.  Helen Keller

Yay it's Saturday, the weekend is upon us and I think we're getting sun at some time over the weekend, live in hope this June-uary!  So today's challenge, well it's pretty easy physically to do but mentally and emotionally, mmm, well maybe not so much from what I've been reading in my group the last day or two.  See it appears that some of you lot don't approve of yourselves very much when all I see is a BeYOUtiful member in front of me, you are seeing something completely different.  Where I'm looking at a curvy lady with a lovely figure, you're seeing a massive pair of hips and a big ass!  My members really don't see their BeYOUtiful at all sometimes so that's why today's challenge might be a little difficult for some of you.

The challenge is to find the nearest mirror, look at your reflection and say "I love you, I accept you and I'm going to take care of you!"  Then every time you see your reflection today, smile at yourself and say "I love you", think it if you're in a supermarket or similar and think people will think you're crazy for talking to yourself!

Negative self-talk can be a very dangerous thing, and I get it that it can be hard to feel good about your body, we go out in public, watch tv, look at magazines and everyone is flawless, perfect bodies - well what the media defines as perfect but let's be honest those bodies aren't real!  They're all hairbrushed, we're brainwashed into believing that we're flawed, we're offered "cures" in the form of lotions and ptions to make us 'beautiful' when if you stop and look you already are BeYOUtiful, there's not another like you and you're loved for that very reason - whatever size, shape, haircolour etc you are.

We're led to believe that when we “fix ourself” in regards to our image, or reach that so-called “ideal weight," that we’ll be happy, healthy, and everything will be wonderful and well in our work. Yeah right!  Until then, we end up hating our bodies more than ever.

Negative self-talk sucks, I hear stuff like "I hate how my saggy stomach", "I've got Mahoosive thighs", "my butt is huge!" and worse!  It makes me sad and I remember doing it myself so I know how much damage it can do, my solution was to go to the gym 7 days a week for hours on end to get that size 8 body.  I did, my life didn't become perfect, my body was smaller but I looked like a teenage boy now instead of a curvy fat bird, I couldn't will - I was still miserable!  Now when I try something on and it doesn't fit or doesn't suit me, I just hang it back on the rail and give my belly a cuddle - it's mine, it's part of me, therefore I love it and it loves me right back.

So stop and think for a moment, and answer honestly, when you look in the mirror, where are your eyes immediately drawn? Do you zoom in on something you don’t like about your body? Do you immediately insult yourself about your reflection? 

Isn't that sad that most people immediately see their body and want to 'fix' or change something about it, choosing to focus on what we perceive as flaws rather than seeing our wonderful.

How about we start to change that habit?  Replace the negatives thoughts with positive ones, change our cant's into cans, lose the 'not good enough" comments and replace them with more positive ones.  You're not 'flawed', "ugly" or "imperfect", you're "BeYOUtiful".
Start being positive, focus on what you see as your 'good' features and give yourself a compliment, those lovely eyes, that incredible smile, those strong legs that enable you to walk around every day, those phenomenal stretch marks that are your proof that you gave birth to another human!  Yeah another human!  How fantastic are you?

If you're thinking, yeah right, I can't do that, I don't feel that way - then lie!  Fake it, till you make it they say don't they, I know you're not going to go from hating it all to loving it all in a morning but you can pretend.  Give yourself the best compliment you can think off, even if you don't really believe it or feel the love.  Trust me, keep doing it and sooner or later you won't be faking it - worked for me!

Make your goals realistic ones, don't expect to lose a stone in a day and lose your batwings over night, these things take time and seriously there are worse things in life to have than batwings, they're good enough for Batman and he's a blooming SuperHero!

Think about what your body can do rather than how it looks if you're really struggling with the whole self-love thing.  When you start to say something negative to yourself, think would I say that to my daughter/son or anyone's child?  Can you imagine the effect it would have on them?  Well you have that inner child, they're still inside, and they're probably crying up the corner because the grown up version of you is really mean to them.

Take it from me, you're not flawed and you don't have to "fix" you at all.  You're a BeYOUtiful creature who just needs to see the wonderful that everyone else sees in you.  Our thoughts and words define us, so choose yours wisely.  

Have a great day and PLEASE accept today's challenge. xx

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