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Monday, 3 May 2021

What's for lunch?

Monday 3rd May 2021
The whole world is a series of miracles but we're so used to them we call them ordinary things.

now this is a miracle I'd welcome ;)

Well I'm sat watching Line of Duty before going on Facebook and before anyone can tell me what happened, even though I don't really know what is going on anyway!  

I set my alarm for 5.30 this morning, a couple of reasons, the first one because someone was possibly coming to collect something at 6, but the other more important reason because I've decided that I'm going to start every day focusing on ME going forward, I've just listened to the Decision by Kevin Hart and as entertaining as he is, he has a good attitude to life and one of the things he does is start each day focusing on himself, then he sets himself up for the day, after all the old adage 'you can't take care of anything or anyone else if you don't take care of yourself' is so very true.  I tried to do that whilst mom was alive but it wasn't always possible in the way I'd have liked to, so now I can, I owe it to myself to make that effort.  

I've started my day with a half hour yoga session, Alfie joined in of course but I can live with that, he just likes to lie on the yoga mat with me, so maybe I get a bigger one, or a second one.  I choose a next and shoulder relief session so hopefully over time it'll help fix that issue. 

I've already drunk some of the planned 2 litres of water I want to start drinking and I've stopped to appreciate the good things in life, the birds on the front garden having their breakfast.

I ate better yesterday too, had egg and tomatoes on toast for breakfast and this plate of deliciousness for dinner; 

Penn Road Butchers
 minted chicken thighs (skinless & boneless) 150 calories per 100g, really enjoyed them and Alfie approved too, the veggies were one of those steam bags, convenient now I'm on my own and they were 2 for £3 from iceland, so 8 portions in total.  For tea I had a pack of crackers with cheese spread to use it up.

I've got the other half of the chicken to have today as I cooked it all, I think I'll have it with rice and veggies, toms on toast for breakfast again sounds good too, this time it'll be tinned ones as I've used the fresh.  

Now whilst we were enjoying a zoom catch up yesterday we got round to the topic of low calorie lunches, which got me to thinking I need some of them in my life, I'm more likely to have them for my tea as I usually have my main meal at lunchtime but it's useful to have a list of possibilities.  I personally think it'll be easier when the weather warms up and I'm happy to eat a salad with a tin of tuna on it, no bread needed then although that's an excuse because a tin of big soup is filling and fast.  There is nothing wrong with a healthy sandwich or wrap, then there's frittatas, omelettes, salad jars, couscous, pasta, potato or rice salads.  There's 30 Low-calorie lunch recipes - BBC Good Food
on this link, fancy the Welsh rarebit muffins or the hoisin wraps. 

and this ones great because it has supermarket ideas on it 99 Low Calorie Healthy Lunch Ideas - Ideal for Work - Weight Loss Resources 

Well that's the end of Line of Duty, don't worry I can't spoil it for you as I'm still confused, it would help if I paid attention whilst watching but my memory is so bad I can't remember previous series. 

Right here's to the day ahead, Bank Holiday Monday and the forecast is rubbish, so I'll try and get Alfie walked before it pours down, here's to a good day.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

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