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Friday, 6 March 2020

What makes you happy?

Friday 6th March
Don't let the bad days think you have a bad life.

What makes me happy is to wake up to the sound of someone scraping the ice off their windscreen!  Why?  Because I know it means I've slept till 6 because that's what time one of the neighbours goes to work.  Yep that happened this morning, both mom and I have had a good nights sleep so hopefully it'll be an easier day, yesterday was better than Wednesday, but not trouble free, oh and I was so tired, it's not so easy to keep your calm.

Anyways, I was pleased with my eating yesterday, last Thursday I wasn't prepared and it started a bad weekend, yesterday I did go over my points but I ate 3 healthy meals, wasn't tempted when I went in the Tesco garage to get a loaf and didn't snack either.

7SP (Blue) breakfast, bargain and so filling 

This is pumpkin gnocchi, I couldn't decide if I liked it or not but I wouldn't have it again.  10SP for the gnocchi too, at least the veggies were zero. 

This was lovely, even if that cod in butter sauce doesn't look so great, 9SP (Blue) on that plate 

I feel better for having eaten better too.  I feel better for seeing the sun this morning too, so many people I've spoken too this week are so in need of some sunshine and the rain to stop, it's getting people down.  There's enough stress in most peoples lives these days without adding anything else, and breaking records for rainfall in February well we just didn't need it did we.

Okay how can you up your mood when you're feeling down?

There's some suggestions, the worse thing you can do is stay home alone and veg on the settee feeling sorry for yourself and eating loads of crap and drinking too much.  It might feel like it's helping but it's not, trust me.   Here's a 30 day happiness challenge I found on pinterest, you could do something like this, if there's a suggestion on there you don't like - change it to something you do.  Really have a think about what makes you happy, it isn't just food and drink honestly, it isn't.

I'm going to keep it short this morning because I really want you to think about that question "what makes me happy", and start working on doing some of it.  I know we all have to work, but how much money do we need?  It's no good having a house full of big tvs and fancy cars if we hate the job we have to do to get them, and we don't get to spend any time with those we love and when we do, we're too damn tired to enjoy it.  Whilst you're thinking about those things that make you happy, make sure you think about the things that don't cost much or that are free.

Mwah, luv ya,

Love me xx

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