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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles - Unless you're self isolating of course!

Wednesday 18th March 2020
worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops you from enjoying the good.

Unless you're self isolating of course!

Well it sure is strange watching everything going on in the world, looking out my window there's no cars going to work, yesterday I put my bin out and wondered why everyone else hadn't then realised eventually it was Tuesday not Wednesday, I'd got them mixed up because I hadn't gone to work.

For me not going to work is the only thing that's changed really because as moms carer, I've been rarely leaving the house to do anything else anyway, I've been doing social distancing for years, you all staying at home have a small glimpse into my world as a carer, if you're home with someone else at least you can have conversations, focus on the positives.   There are some wonderful things being done out there by others for those who need help, it's truly heart warming. 

I did my virtual training for our WW virtual workshops yesterday, got to do a more today and then we'll be good to go from Thursday - hopefully, no doubt the first couple I do will feel odd but it'll be fun getting to interact with others, my sister and Vicky are the only two people I've talked to since Saturday, but again that's my norm even before this happened, unless I'm at work the only social interaction I really have is via Facebook, so I'm used to the solitary.

I did a Facebook live in my group for my members yesterday and I might do a cooking demo today I think, about lunchtime, I'll do that on my Facebook page so anyone can watch it.  https://www.facebook.com/WWBev/. 

Mom's watching it all on tv but not really aware of the severity of the situation, my sisters going to stay home more as she comes in more contact with people than I do, she can drop bread at my door.  She made me pie though so it's all good,  I enjoyed it with WW beans, nom nom. 

I thought this morning about my massage, not sure what to do or if they'll be open by Friday.  I've had a cough for weeks and weeks now, a few of my members even suggested I've already had it, I did feel dreadful for days and the cough, well I'd never known one like it, now it's just a persistent cough but not a new one, I can't take my temperature because the thermometer I have appears to be broken, I don't feel ill though, I managed to do housework yesterday so some might think that means I'm sick lol.

Yeah I deep cleaned the wet room and my kitchen, the only bit to still do in the kitchen is sort my cupboards, if I get bored I'll do that.  Today is WW training, I think I'll sort the laundry, it's everywhere and I can do that whilst in the same room as mom because she's been neglected a lot the last few days as I've had to do so much WW stuff and it does affect her mood if she's left alone too long.  Then there's the cooking live I'll do, that won't be more than half hour though as I'm going to look for something simple to make or wing it and see what I can do with ingredients I find.  See the thing about cleaning the kitchen is I don't like to mess it up again so cooking is gonna kill me! 

Anyway, I'm trying not to stress about things I can't control and worry about it all but it's obviously on my mind because I found myself awake again last night for an hour or so at midnight, when I realised I wasn't going back to sleep easily, I started listening to my audiobook, I'm halfway through another one, so at this the situation is helping me get my 50 books for my 50 year read!  I was off out with Vicky Saturday we were going to the theatre, that's off but they're returning our money thankfully so when we can, we're going to enjoy a meal out together instead because I'd already realised if I can only have one night out a month with my mate I'd rather be chatting and eating than watching a show. 

Right, I'm off to, well to do nothing very quickly, I'll put the bins out as it's the right day today!  

Here's to being kind and supporting each other as best as we can xx

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x 

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