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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Staying Positive here!

Wednesday 25th March 2020
If you can't do anything about it, then let it go.  Don't be a prisoner to things you can't change. 

Let's start today with a positive, I've just transferred £220 from my account to the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, thanks to the hard work of my lovely helper and friend Carol putting together a pamper kit and raffling it off, and also to Angie, Bonnie and her dad for making drinks and toast in workshops, all the money from this goes to a different charity every month and despite only having a 2 week month before my workshops went digital, we still managed to raise that fantastic total, so thank you to everyone, it's really, truly appreciated. 

After what was a wonderful workshop yesterday morning, I took Alfie out but as he refused to walk, I threw him (not literally) back in the house and when for a walk myself, it was great to get a bit of fresh air and a brisk walk but I think that'll be the last one for a while as my daily walk will be with Alfie and he will be allowed to walk as slowly as he wants, or even just lie on the grass, it's his time after all!  

Next I got my cook on, quinoa was going to taste good, that was my plan and it did, I was chuffed, I added a chicken stock cube to the water I put in the quinoa and cooked it according to the packet.  Meanwhile I fried up the last of fresh stuff in the fridge that was going to walk out, there was a few slices of bacon, onion, green pepper, I had some frozen sun dried tomatoes, I'll buy those again when we're able to get back to normal and do online shopping!  Mixed it all together and yes, that was delicious, now I know I like it, I can cook this a lot more, I have 2 more full bags, they sell it in Aldi too - bonus!

Next I wanted to use up the cauliflower I'd got, I'm lucky enough to have eggs, when mom and I went for that drive before the lockdown, I past a house that had some outside for sale and there was a dozen in there, I was proper chuffed and mom loved that they were outside in an honesty box.  I've posted the recipe on the post of my WW app Connect account.  Why not here?  Well I'm going to be completely honest here and say because I want you all to follow me on the app, WW pays my wage and I want to keep my job, I need members to watch my virtual workshops (thankfully they are) but I know lots of my members aren't. 

 So if you haven't already, go and find me on Connect, and start following, I need your support as much as I'm here to support you.   These cauliflower cheese and onion cakes are off the scales and 2 for 1SP on blue and purple plan, 1SP each on green, absolute bargain. 

If you're still trying to figure out all this virtual just, these images will hopefully help, or ask for help, we can help you!

to get to browse groups you may need to scroll to the right on your screen.  I'm running virtual workhsops in both the Wolverhampton and the Dudley & Walsall group.  I'll be running a 5.30pm one in the Wolverhampton group today.

If you've not been a member for a while and feel like you need some support again, WW are offering 25% off for your first month, so you can give it a try, it works out at £3.91 a week (See offer terms)  I think I'm worth that, you get access to all the online virtual workshops, and me = bargain! 

The NHS are doing a marvellous job as is everyone who's still going to work to keep this country functioning, from the bin men to the police to the supermarket workers, you're all amazing.  The NHS are asking for volunteers, could you help?  https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS 

Right I better try and get Alfie to go up the garden with me, he doesn't understand all this does he!  Let' do what we can to another great day and be healthy.
Catch ya tomorrow.  
Be Careful, Be Kind, Stay In and Wash Your Hands.  

Luv you, mwah

Love me xx

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