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Monday, 2 March 2020

Why I love Blue...

Monday 2nd March 2020
Change nothing and nothing changes.
Yesterday started with a BANG literally!  Mom fell over in the living room (she's ok a little bumped and bruised and shaken but nothing broken), I was in the kitchen and when I got to her Alfie was right next to her showing concern and she was sprawled by the fireplace.  I wasn't going to be able to lift her alone so I called my sister, so glad she lives so close and we got her up and sitting.  We then started chatting about how she could've really hurt herself on the fireplace, so many sharp edges, all the junk over the floor (i.e. biscuit tins, papers) and that I'd move it all.  Then as if like a bolt from the sky, I said 'If I swap the chairs round, she won't have to walk across the living room to sit down, so won't need to go anywhere near the fireplace'.  Simples, well it wasn't, once my sister had gone home, I moved the chairs round, it gave me the change to have a good sweep underneath and then whilst doing that, I said to mom let's sort this cupboard out here, a proper spring clean of the crap she collects whilst she was with me and all for it.  I'm going to do my crap cupboard today (it's only fair). 

Something so simple making such a huge difference.  Now if we apply that to our weight loss and getting healthy journey, what could we do?  What small changes could you make that would make a big difference over time?  As the quotes above say, change nothing and nothing changes but those small changes eventually add up to huge results.  

I did it the wrong way round this week and gained 1.5lb, I reintroduced white bread which is just a dangerous thing to have in my house, white bread has the same calories as the brown stuff, but I can resist the brown, I eat the white like it's going out of fashion, then because I'd got a taste for it, I bought a French baguette Saturday morning and ate that, thankfully it was only a half stick not the really long one, because had I bought one of them, I'd have eaten it all.  It wasn't just the bread this week, I've started indulging in moms snacks and treats again when for most of February I'd cut that out and lost half a stone, so I need to nip that in the bud.  

Yeah my small change this week is no snacking on my mom's stuff!  There are lots of things I'd rather eat instead too if I'm honest.  

I'm going to embrace the WW blue plan again, I got a little lapse there, firstly I was poorly and it resulted in a weight loss so I got a bit blasé, then I lost again and got cocky, so from today I'm planning on tracking 100% in full on my app, not just tracking 3 things and a bit of activity for the wins.  

I've been listening to members comparing notes about the different plans over the last few weeks, and when they hear someones doing well, they ask what plan they're doing, then I watch as a little light goes on in their brains and they start to question whether they should try that plan as it might help them lose weight!  Erm NO, you don't follow a plan because it's working for someone else, you follow the plan that suits you best.  You read the info, weigh up your options and choose the one that best suits you.

If you want to help others with their decision, tell them why you love the plan you're following, that's more like to help them decide.  Save the image that relates to your plan to your phone, then post it on Facebook or Instagram (or any social media you use) with the reasons you love your plan.  

I'm a blue bird, why?  Because as much as I love the idea of purple, I just go on a potato party and my diet becomes unbalanced.  If I go to green, I drink too much wine (I already do that, I don't need even more on my tracker!) plus I eat more processed crap so it's not the one for me.  

Why I love Blue - because I actually do love eggs, fish and chicken.   I'm getting used to natural yogurt on fruit, it gets better the more I eat it.  I'm quite a fan of lentils, I just need to actually cook them.  I also like the fact I get 23 dailies and 35 weeklies.  Yeah when I actually write it down, I question why I'm not embracing it and getting on it 100%.  

I am today, Spring is round the corner, I want to be feeling fab by the time Summer arrives.  I'm on day 14 of my BodyGrove Ondemand, I'm not going to lie, it's not been so easy to do these last few days, the novelty is already wearing off, I'm not enjoying it any less, it just hurts my ankle and I'm naturally a lazy bitch who can find anything else to do if given the chance.   I am going to persist though, I want to get more flexible and mobile, seeing mom fall over yesterday made me realise how important it is to work on keeping my mobility as I get older, I won't have a Beverley in the kitchen to come rescue me when I'm her age!  

Anyway, download that image and post why you love your plan, help me spread the WW word because we all know it works and it really is truly liveable.  

Here's to a great day, small changes and a very great week.  You in? 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

Oops almost forgot the mindfulness thing; 

Candle staring exercise

Find or buy a nice candle.  Wait until it is dark and you have a little time to yourself.  Switch the light off and just stare at the candle flame for 10 minutes straight while studying everything you can about it.  When your mind wanders, become aware of where it's going, then bring it back to the candle flame.  A simple and easy exercise. 

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