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Monday, 9 March 2020

Have a great day x

Monday 9th March 2020
Peace comes to me when I let go of trying to control everything.

The best way to start the day, waking up naturally, giving your dog a bit of fuss and making a cuppa.  I was just about to add, having half hour to drink it before mom wakes up but as I typed cuppa, she come walking out the bedroom.  I'll be back in a bit, just off to make her a cuppa.

Right back to business, what did I do yesterday that helped me stay healthy, here's a few I can remember;

I walked Alfie 3 times, 2 weren't very far but the 1 was so at least I covered some steps.
I had some salad.
I drank some water.
Had a chat on the phone with my bestie.
I learned a new crochet hexagon and spent time zoning out doing that.
I listened to my audiobook which I'm really enjoying.
Had an early night.

Yep, not just physical health being taken care of there my mental health too, the scales haven't moved this morning and I'm good with that, at the moment I'm focusing on one day at a time with mom and doing what I can to cope with the situation.  When I was walking Alfie yesterday, a woman came out of her house shouting and screaming at her kid and the dogs and no judgement here because it was obvious she was stressed out and I could see myself in her because I do it sometimes too.  Watching as an outsider I decided that's what I want to work on, being calm in situations that make me want to scream and shout because that only makes matters worse.  

What one thing could you focus on that would have the most impact on your health and wellbeing?  I've decided I'm not going to focus on weight loss for now, just eating as healthy as I can.  I'm not unhappy with my size, hell I wish being overweight was the only problem I had!  I'd take being overweight any day compared to some things that could be wrong!

Healthy is what I'm going to focus on.  Being as healthy as I can at this time in my life with everything that's going on.  What are you going to focus on?

The sunshine that's starting to show it's face is really helping, I was even warm when I was walking Alfie yesterday, that's a first this year!

I've got a bag of spinach in the fridge, trying to think of something healthy to make to balance out the T-bone steak I'll be eating today.  I've also got butternut squash so I could make a curry or a lasagna for tomorrow, I don't think I'll eat anything else after the steak so at least that's something, I'll have some tomatoes and mushrooms with it, a show of veggies!  It's a treat, was having it yesterday but wasn't hungry enough.

I've also got a cauliflower and have an idea to make a cauliflower cheese lasagna, so maybe I'll do that and use the other in a curry.  After all that red meat, I'll need some veggie food to balance it out.   Yeah a bit of cooking might be enjoyed today, I really wanted to carry on with my crochet, but I need some balance, I'm a right couch potato so need to get my backside up and moving.  We watched films all day yesterday, Hustler with Jenifer Lopez, Godzilla (the most recent one) oh and, what was it called, hold on. The Aeronauts, all okay viewing, none of them blew me away.

Once again I'm waffling, delaying starting my day properly is the truth.  I've settled mom downstairs, (I just deleted the rest of this sentence, I'm over talking about it this morning, she's getting worse, noticeably so this weekend when she's usually better when I'm not at work.  So I'm going to not worry about anything, I'm going to enjoy any spark of a happy mom as I can, I listened to her read the same article in the paper to me so many times yesterday but it was taking her mind of where she was, because she doesn't know where she is and that scares her, the Coronavirus doesn't!  I'm glad my brothers coming over at the end of the month so he can enjoy her, I have a feeling it might be the last time she'll know who he is.

Let's do everything we can to make it a great day shall we, be glad for being alive and thankful that you have enough money to cause your weight problem!

I'm off to eat some melon so I can enjoy my steak later.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x

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