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Thursday, 12 March 2020

Strange noises in the night...

Thursday 12th March 2020
Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.

Well I woke around 4am this morning to what I thought was the sound of a recorder, you know that 3 blind mice instrument we played at school, then I lay there thinking was it the wind because it had stopped, I closed my eyes and got a burst again, after a couple of times I got out of bed to have a look and couldn't see anything, so got back in, the heard noises outside so looked at the cctv on my phone and there was two vans outside, so got back up and their St. John's Ambulance and a lady was walking up next doors path, so I hope the old lady is okay, I was only talking to her yesterday when I put her bins out, she told me she's 89!  I'm assuming the noise was some kind of alarm maybe?  St John's are community first responders and a charity so if you see them out and about with a bucket throw some coins in.

I've managed about 6 hours so that'll get me through the day.  The nurse came to see mom, she chatted to her for a while took some info, told me she's going to talk to the doctor and they'll review her medication, then she's going to come back on the 30th as she's on annual leave next week.  She was full of great ideas like suggesting mom tries a day centre but mom was having none of that.  She did suggest that people who were willing to visit mom maybe just turn up rather than me asking if she wants a visit and that way she will probably enjoy their company and it'd be obvious if she didn't want them there anyway.  I did have to agree with that as when people do show up, she does seem to enjoy the distraction but it's so important to keep her talking about positive stuff because once that nurse had gone mom turned nasty again and was refusing to have my sister round!  It sure is a testing time for all concerned.

I experimented in the kitchen, making a cauliflower cheese and broccoli lasagne, I also roasted chunks of butternut squash and pureed it to make a sauce, adding some roasted garlic and water to thin it out.  I put a layer of cauliflower and broccoli then poured the squash puree, followed by a layer of WW lentil lasagne sheets, then I poured a carton of passata over the lasagne sheets, added another layer of cauliflower and half a grated block of Arla protein cheese, then added another layer of WW lentil lasagna sheets and covered them with white sauce (450g skimmed milk, 40g plain flour, 40g low fat spread stir continuously until boiling then simmer as thickens) and finally topped with the other half of the Arla protein cheese grated.  Baked in oven on gas mark 4 for about 40 minutes.

The only thing pointed was the cheese (11SP), the WW lasagne sheets (19SP), white sauces (15SP), so it was 45SP in total but I did get 8 portions from it, so only 6SP a portion for all that veggie goodness.

The one thing I'd do differently I think is the squash puree, not for me, the squash tasted better in roasted chunks, I wish I'd just layered that with the other veg and poured more passata on it all.  You only learn what you like by experimenting!

Well I've already drunk my first tumbler of water, staying hydrated is the plan for the day ahead, not planned my meals but as I'm up earlier than usual I'll go check out the fridge and cupboards and make a plan, maybe take something out of the freezer.

Here's to a great day, looking forward to seeing my Bloxwich babes.  It was lovely to see the blossom on the trees yesterday as I walked Alfie, a sign that Spring is here and Summer won't be far behind it, this is the best time of the year, can't wait to start sitting up the garden getting some vitamin D.

Are they glorious.

Right I'm off, mwah, luv ya

Love me x

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