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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Early start in this house

Tuesday 3rd March 2020
Start each day with a positive thoughts
Did a bit more spring cleaning yesterday and I gave the fridge a good clean out then restocked it, but realistically for a change, enough food for the people in this house rather than the street!  Every time I opened it, I smiled appreciating how good it look and how delicious the food in it was but also that I could afford to buy the food.  Today I'll enjoy the other half of the melon, that's my new favourite fruit with a bit of natural yogurt and a squirt of either agave syrup or a spoon of honey.  Then for lunch I've got Harj's keema chicken and I'm going to have it in iceberg lettuce cups with spring onion, tomatoes, and cucumber.  Not thought as far as dinner but it'll be something easy, maybe a bowl of pan fried gnocchi also on my favourite food list right now.

Not much else went on yesterday, I rang about my house insurance, they'd got that I'd made a claim in 2018, but I didn't go through with it, so now I've got to wait for it to be taken off my records and I can look around, Direct Line have offered it at half the price of The Post Office who I'm with now and even the woman on the phone said you should shop around these days, as did the renewal notice to be fair!  Then I made a few of those phone calls I keep putting off, rearranging dentist appointment, ringing the Co-op about direct to cremation funerals lol, I was going to prepay for mine and my sisters funeral so we don't have to worry about the other when it's our time, but as of yet they don't let you pre arrange a Direct to Crem one with no service, so now I've got to look elsewhere, I wanted a company that's not likely to go bankrupt etc.  Yay, the joys of being in your 50s, you start to not only think about your mortality but you get sensible about stuff too. BOO!

My ankle is putting me off the body groove exercising, it gets worse when I've done it and I was hoping it would improve at some point, I don't want a dodgy ankle that hurts all the time for the rest of my life, that's rubbish.

Mom was mostly good yesterday, she started to get confused towards evening which is why we had a early night, she was in pain and it all affects her thinking, so we go to bed, at least we're both resting then.  She did wake at 2.30am confused and calling for me, so I went in and we had a chat, I calmed her and re-filled her hot water bottle and she dozed back off.  I on the other hand lay awake for over an hour, but thankfully I was in bed well before 9 so I have had enough sleep to get me through the day, which is a wonderfully, busy day, with my Willenhall wonders, a cracking bunch.

Right then, let's get on with the day, my life's hardly exciting and you have better things to do than listen to me relay it.

Todays Mindfullness Challenge is
Mindful Natural Observation

This exercise is as simple as it is powerful, it is designed to connect us with the beauty of the natural environment. Choose a natural object, a flower, insect, tree - anything.  Now relax and explore the object like you have never seen it before.  Visually explore every aspect of it and connect with the object and its role in the natural world for as long as your concentration allows.  Do this exercise twice today.

And even if you don't, just be more in the moment, focus on the now, live life at your own speed, mines being lived pretty slowly at the moment, yeah I'm growing up too, normally when I want to do or try something new, I go at it gung ho, spend money and buy everything involved, this time I'm thinking about it and doing a bit of research before just spending cash.  The other reason I'm able to do this is because I can't just nip to the shops, I was about to 'pop' out for an hour Sunday just before mom fell over, so yeah circumstances stop me from doing anything spontaneous really.  It's not a bad thing though.  Anywho

Let's get on with making today a great day.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x

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